Friday, 14 April 2017

The 6th Annual Music Camp on the Canal Returns to St. Peter's June 2 to June 4th, Register Now For A Great Music Experience!

The 6th Annual Music Camp will take place in St. Peter’s from June 2nd to June 4th. Come and join in the Music Camp weekend experience.

Beginning with a Welcome reception & jam session on Friday evening, your weekend includes:

- a Saturday full of workshops (4 x 1.25 hrs each); lunch and supper included.

- a Saturday night All Star Concert featuring our faculty (primo seating for campers).....

- followed by a KitchenRackets jam session with campers and players from the community

- Sunday morning, one more workshop or Band Lab practice.

- Sunday luncheon, followed by the finale Band Lab Showcase (which could include you!). 

There is more throughout the weekend: jam sessions, on-site instrument repairs, close-up encounters with your instructors and fellow players from far and near; local artisans market, an instrument swap & sale, great food - remember 2 lunches and a supper are included.

Amazing selection of workshops - almost 50 to choose from.

Full weekend registration including everything is a bargain at $250. Participants with non-musical partners can bring them along for all the food and fun (and the square dance workshop) for just $120. 

A la carte workshops also available

If you would like to take just one or a few workshops you can sign up 'a la carte' and pay by the workshop at $40 each. You can pick your workshops and pay for them in advance on line. 

 All Star Concert

This annual concert has become recognized as one of the finest showcases of authentic traditional and innovative Celtic style music anywhere on Cape Breton Island, featuring our stellar Music Camp Faculty, and hospitality of the St. Peter's Lions Hall. Tickets can be purchased in advance on line. 

Who should come?

Any amateur musician, at any level of accomplishment, who wants to learn some new stuff, close-up and 1 on 1 with some incredible teachers. We have a Celtic orientation with a world view. Also, you should come if you want to meet and play with like-minded musicians. We have an 'accompanist' program for partners who don't play an instrument. Campers are all ages from grade school students to senior citizens. (You don't have to camp, most people stay at the Inn or local hotel, although there is camping available - and we offer a 'home billet' program - more info TBA in the coming weeks).

 Some other features of the Music Camp Weekend:

Artisans market on site including a used instrument swap and sale (you can bring your own surplus instruments if you want to sell);

On site luthier offering minor repairs, adjustments and instrument assessments;

Close-up encounters with your instructors and fellow players from far and near;

Great food - lunches on Sat and Sun and Saturday evening supper are included. Catered by Bras d'Or Lakes Inn's talented chefs.

To register or to get more information on the Music Camp go to

Thursday, 13 April 2017

April 28th, the Island Steppers hosts A Night To Remember with Psychic Medium Tracey Fuller at the Island Nest Restaurant in Arichat.

Tracey Fuller, Psychic Medium appearing at "A Night To Remember with Tracey Fuller".

If you enjoy an evening of entertainment, the Trina Samson Dance School will be offering a Night To Remember with Tracey Fuller, Psychic Medium, as part of their fundraising campaign for dancers going off to dance competitions.

For something a little different in the line of entertainment, you will want to mark April 28th on your Calendar as The Island Steppers invite you to join them for an experience with a psychic Medium. This event will take place at the Island Nest Restaurant in Arichat at 7pm. Fuller, originally from Kent, England, now resides in Sydney since 2014, where she uses her gift to bring peace of mind to her clients, by connecting them with loved ones who have passed on. Although she has always had this gift, it is only since 2000 that she has been sharing her gift professionally. If you have ever wanted to connect with someone from the spirit world, this maybe your chance. Come out and witness first hand this amazing ability, Fuller comes highly recommended!  Tickets are $30.00 advance sale and $35.00 at the door. Call for tickets now, by calling 902 631 2563 (Trina), 902-227-8196 (Gail), 902-631- 3828 (Karen) or 902-623-1435 (Kelly).  Get your tickets early as seating is limited.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Amazing Entertainment Comes to LaPicasse with The Crossing Borders Concert -April 24th, Don't Miss This Incredible Combination of Young Talent!!!

Crossing Borders Concert

If you enjoy an evening of great entertainment, with lively music and step dancing, you will definitely want to take in the Crossing Borders Concert at LaPicasse in Petit de Grat on April 24th at 7pm. Admission will be $5.00 per person or $10.00 per family for advance ticket sale or at the door on the night of the concert $7.00 per person or $12.00 per family. For tickets call 902-226-0149.

Centre La Picasse is proud to present the 25 dancers from the Trina Samson Dance School along with the 23 talent musicians from the Young Tradition Touring Group from Vermont and their mentors, coming together for one very special evening of traditional music and dance. Get your tickets early, as you will not want to miss this event.

Joining the Samson Dance School will be the Young Tradition Touring Group from Vermont, made up of a very talented young group of entertainers from the US. We are very lucky that during their tour in Canada, we have been given the opportunity to showcase our neighbouring countries talented young performers, performing along side some of Cape Breton's best Traditional Step dancers, from the Samson Dance School. This will be the US groups only stop in Richmond. Special thanks to LaPicasse and the Municipality of Richmond for their support with the concert.

Trina Samson Dance School Captures Spotlight at the Limelight Dance Competition - Dance and Culture at It's Best!!!!

The Island Steppers
Visitors coming to Cape Breton are interested in many features of Cape Breton and want to see, hear and enjoy them all.  Two things high on their list of things to take in are entertainment and culture. This weekend we were lucky enough to see two of these factors come together at the Limelight Dance Competition in Halifax, where dancers from the 4 Atlantic provinces vied for gold. Cape Breton was represented by the Trina Samson Dance School from Richmond County, and they definitely covered all the bases for both entertainment and culture. Yes, Cape Breton Step dancing is one of our most popular forms of entertainment while also showcasing our culture.
Those who watched the competition were not disappointed and the array of talent from this exceptional dance troop from the younger dancers to the Island Steppers, each performance was lively, unique and impressive. In total the dancers took home 1 Exclusive Gold, 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze, plus recognition awards and 2 entries into the Vault. Quite impressive. Congratulations to all the dancers and to their instructor Trina Hall Samson, who provided the girls with this amazing experience.
Trina Samson and the dancers from the Trina Samson Dance School
Samson is a dedicated dance teacher, who is admired and loved by all her students. She is a very talented choreographer, dancer and seamstress creating most of the costumes herself. Samson wants her dancers, to most of all enjoy the art of dance, it should never be a chore but an enjoyment that the dancers want to share with all those who watch their performances. And Samson encourages this by having her dancers perform at many community events and festivals throughout the year. Through her efforts, the cultural performance of traditional step dancing will be here for locals and visitors for future generations. The dancers next performance will be at the Easter Fun Day Breakfast which starts at 9:30am at the Lions Hall in St. Peter’s on April 14th.

St. Peter's Pirate Days Back Again for Another Great Event - September 15th to 17th.

The Annual St. Peter’s Pirate Day will be back again this year, with fun for everyone. It is scheduled to take place from September 15th to September 17th. Visitors to our fair village can expect to see a slightly different look than what they were expecting, as businesses deck their store fronts out in full Pirate flare. During the two days of celebrations, don’t be surprised to see some unsavory looking characters wondering the village streets, but be assured this is all in fun and a great photo opportunity as well. It might be a good idea to brush up on a little pirate lingo, just to add to the fun.
St. Peter’s has a rich historic past, but some may not realize that we did have some pirates visit our shores in years gone by and plundering of our businesses may not have been just an old mans tale, as recalled in a post by Al Calder who shared a little history about St Peter's.
During Pirate Days this past summer several people mentioned that there were never pirates who actually raided St Peter's. After reading an essay prepared by the late Harvey MacEwen, in 1976 on the Kavanagh family 1777 to 1923, in which MacEwen mentions, "In spite of several raids on his business (Lawrence Kavanagh Jr.) at St. Peter's by New England privateers, in which severe losses were suffered, the Kavanagh business prospered greatly".
After reading this post, I guess it is true to say that we are celebrating a little bit of our own colourful past. I am sure that this years Pirate Days will be a huge success, and I look forward to seeing what organizers of the event have in store for us.
One great idea, the committee has come up with this year to help with the cost of the event is The St. Peter's Pirate Days Treasure Chest, which is a new game of chance. Those who would like to play and to support the St. Peter’s Pirate Days can register a number, which will be yours for the next 52 weeks. Play your number for $2.00 each week, half of the bounty collected each week is the prize payout. For more details on the draw and to register stop in at B&E General Store in St. Peter’s.  Follow Pirate Days on Instagram @stpeterspiratedays and Twitter @Stpeterspirates.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Richmond County Newest Shoulder Season Festival "Pirate Days in St. Peter's" was an Overwhelming Success-Arrr!

Pirates of Halifax Invade St. Peter's

Pirates at Large

Wee Pirates in Training

Arrr! Best Dressed Pirate House for Pirate Days

Pirate Day Night Light Boat Parade

It was hard to describe the excitement created by this years newest festival, but it was contagious. The village of St. Peter's completely embraced the festival, store fronts and business were decorated to the hilt, inside and out. And the owners and staff rose to the occasion by dressing for the occasion, oh! yes Black Beard, himself would have been proud. Businesses were not the only sector of the village to get into the spirit of the festival, home owners, put their imaginations to the test and came up with some very unique looking results.
During the 3 day weekend, the Pirates of Halifax, could be found wondering the streets of St. Peter's, much to the delight of young and young at heart, who stopped and chatted with the pirates and seized the opportunity to have their pictures taken with these masters of the high seas.
During the children's events the wee pirates, were captivated by the pirates as they told them stories of pirate's gold and spend time interacting with them during the morning, even taking the time to have lunch with the kids.
The whole weekend was surreal, from sailing tours hosted by our local pirate captains, to music, food, and a night light pirate boat parade, it could  not have gone any better. And the thanks for this event has to go first to a very energetic young lady by the name of Danielle Sampson, who first brought Pirates Day to St. Peter's 3 years ago and has built on this event each year, to what we have celebrated this year. Of course Danielle could not have done this along, she had the partnership of the Richmond Municipality, Destination Cape Breton Association, the St. Peter's and surrounding businesses, Community Associations, the Lions Hall and Marina, the St. Peter's Volunteer Fire Department, the Community Club, Joe Pop Photography, the Tourism and Restaurant operators, the Nicolas Denys Museum and the people of the community, who volunteered their help and to the locals and visitors, who came out to take in the events, which made the festival such a success.
Already Danielle and community associations are meeting to plan for next years festival, I can hardly wait, Arrr!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Arrr! Me Matey's, Pirate Days Be Coming Your Way, So Drop Anchor in St. Peter's and Join In The Merriment From September 16th. to 18th.

The Pirates of Halifax

If you enjoy having a great time, getting dressed up as a pirate and hearing great music then you are in for a treat, comes to the  St. Peter's Pirate Days from September 16th to 18th. It is going to be a full weekend of fun and merriment as the entire Village joins in the festivities.  Events begin from 7 to 8pm on Friday, September 16th with the Opening ceremony "Pirate Ashore" at the Nicolas Denys Museum. Come and hear about the new festival and meet the Pirates of Halifax who are the special guests during the weekend events. The Pirates will the contest judges for best dressed store window and best dressed lawns and homes contests, and will be travelling through the Village during this procedure. So don't be surprised to see pirates roaming the streets of St. Peter's.

The awards ceremony for the Best Dressed Store fronts along with music with Darrell Keigan and Stewart MacDonald will take place at the MacBouch Restaurant from 9pm to midnight.
Starting on Saturday, September 17th, enjoy the Thieves' Market, with specials offered at businesses throughout the village, you will feel like a pirate getting such bargains. Also on Saturday the kids can join in the fun of Pirate Days with young scallywags activities at the St. Peter's Marina, including face painting, bouncy castle, games, scary stories and more with the Pirates of Halifax, taking place from 10am til 12pm - free event. Then the wee scallywags can travel up to Louie's Cosy Corner Restaurant and enjoy lunch with the Pirates, cost for the lunch is $6.00 and reservations are suggested for this event by calling 902-535-3195.

A Pirate Patio Party with grub and grog for sale, and live music with Derek & Wayne Webb will take place at Jiggs from 6pm to 9pm. This is also a great viewing area to watch the Pirate Ships Parade from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. The pirate ships will depart the Lion's Marina and sail around Corbett's Cove, the ships will be competing for booty, so they should be quite the sight. Then party on Mateys  at the Party like a Pirate at the St. Peter's Lions Hall, with Ross Rankin and the Strawmen from 9:30pm to 1:30pm. During the party presentations for best dressed houses, pirates and pirate ships will take place. Must be 19 years and over to attend. There will be a silver & Gold collection at the door.
On the last day of the festival, Pirates who might of partied a little to hardy and the rest of us land lovers can enjoy the Hangover Breakfast with great specials, at Louie's Cosy Corner from 8am to noon. Great way to shake off the barnacles. And from 2pm to 5pm it is Call to Muster Station where you can find your land legs again and support the Nicolas Denys Museum. There will be sweets, beverages and super entertainment with Evelyn MacRae & the Mainlanders as well as special guests at the St. Peter's Fire Hall. This is a fundraiser for the Nicolas Denys Museum, tickets are adults $10.00 and children $5.00. Come on out me pirate friends and support our local Museum.

All weekend long, there will be specials offered at the following venues:
*Chubbys Lunch: Pirate Platter Special.
*Jiggs: Deadman's Platter, Privateer Bounty, Rum & Raisin Ice Cream.
*Louie's Cosy Corner: 10% off for pirates dining in costume.
*St. Peter's Marina: Berths for visiting pirate ships only $25.00 per night, call 902-535-2729.
*Joyce's Motel & Cottages: $85.00 per night call 902-535-2404.
* Cruise the Canal on Cuna Mara for $25.00 per person and children under 12 years free, for the 1.5 hr. cruise with Captain Gordon Kerr. Bookings at or by calling 902-631-3754.
*Sail the Inland Sea on Misty Cat with guide and instructor Greg Silver. 25% off regular rates for groups of 4-6 in pirates costumes. Booking at or call 902-631-5050.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Come and Visit "Canada's First Heritage Lighthouse" - St. Paul's Light is located in Dingwall, Cape Breton.

Many visitors coming to Cape Breton really enjoy taking pictures of lighthouses around the island. And I would like to mention that Canada’s First Heritage Lighthouse is located in Dingwall, Cape Breton. Just minutes off the world famous Cabot Trail, you will find Canada’s first and only federally designated “heritage” lighthouse on any of Canada’s three oceans. Built in 1915 and relocated to Dingwall in 2010, the St. Paul South West Lighthouse is also the first cast iron lighthouse constructed in Canada.

The lighthouse is a standing tribute to the Light-keepers and their families. Climb the stairs and view the rotating clockwork and rare Fresnel lens. Step back in time to when seamen and vessels relied on lighthouses for navigation. Experience what life was like on an isolated island. The storms and hardships that the families faced by hearing their stories and viewing the artifacts in our museum located beside the light house.  

The St.Paul Island Museum & Light house located at 575 Dingwall Road, Dingwall, N.S. B0C1G0 is just 3 minutes off of the Cabot Trail.

The Gift shop, Museum and lighthouse are open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm through June until after the Celtic Colours Festival in October.

Guided Tours: Free Admission & Gift Shop

For more information on the St. Paul light house go to or Email: - Telephone: 902-285-0304