Saturday, 20 August 2016

Come and Visit "Canada's First Heritage Lighthouse" - St. Paul's Light is located in Dingwall, Cape Breton.

Many visitors coming to Cape Breton really enjoy taking pictures of lighthouses around the island. And I would like to mention that Canada’s First Heritage Lighthouse is located in Dingwall, Cape Breton. Just minutes off the world famous Cabot Trail, you will find Canada’s first and only federally designated “heritage” lighthouse on any of Canada’s three oceans. Built in 1915 and relocated to Dingwall in 2010, the St. Paul South West Lighthouse is also the first cast iron lighthouse constructed in Canada.

The lighthouse is a standing tribute to the Light-keepers and their families. Climb the stairs and view the rotating clockwork and rare Fresnel lens. Step back in time to when seamen and vessels relied on lighthouses for navigation. Experience what life was like on an isolated island. The storms and hardships that the families faced by hearing their stories and viewing the artifacts in our museum located beside the light house.  

The St.Paul Island Museum & Light house located at 575 Dingwall Road, Dingwall, N.S. B0C1G0 is just 3 minutes off of the Cabot Trail.

The Gift shop, Museum and lighthouse are open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm through June until after the Celtic Colours Festival in October.

Guided Tours: Free Admission & Gift Shop

For more information on the St. Paul light house go to or Email: - Telephone: 902-285-0304

Friday, 19 August 2016

Velo Cape Breton Association's "Ride Into the Past" Historical Tour to Kennington Cove, Takes Place on October 10th.

Attention all cyclists! Velo Cape Breton Association’s Ride Into the Past - Historical tour to Kennington Cove will take place on Monday, October 10, 2016 starting at 10:00am. The starting meeting will take place at the Royal Battery Parking Lot in Louisbourg. ‘RIDE INTO THE PAST’ will have 6 stops to Kennington Cove. An 16 km historical ride at the FORTRESS of LOUISBOURG National Historic Site. This ride is an historical bicycle ride for all rider capabilities.
## 10 AM registration - $10.00 (cash only) is under the VELO Canopy at the Royal Battery Parking lot (about 300 metres on the main road to Gate/Porte 2 just past the CLOSED main gates to the Park).
## 10:30 is the expected start of the tour.
## Drive to Louisbourg Canada Parks Royal Battery (about 300 m past the Visitor Centre Gate.
## A Velo Cape Breton canopy is here and registration is at 10 AM.
## The cost is $10 and proper change is needed please.
## This is a 16 kilometre ride with 5 stops having historical information on primarily, a great dirt road.
- hence ‘Racing slicks’ are not recommended.
## If it is wet, appropriate footwear may be required to access Wolfe’s Monument/Cairn at Kennington Cove. Eliot Frosst will be your guide in a JEEP and follow the group. Jimmy Campbell (on bike) will be your Velo Cape Breton Ambassador and be on bicycle leading the way. You can leave articles such as cameras, water, sweaters, the Jeep and these will to each STOP.
Royal Battery 10:30
START - Talk and start - Why was the Royal Battery important in both sieges (1745 & 1758)?
Bike with stops at: Stella Maria site – Old Town Road, fishing, fascine batteries and redoubts
Richard Cemetery site – possible Titcomb’s Battery
Fresh Water Brook – British encampment for BOTH sieges
Kennington Cove – Wolfe’s landing in 1756
Gate 2 – block houses, other batteries
Royal Battery or into the Fortress with stops at BLACK ROCK and the QUEEN’S Gate.
After visiting the town site one can leave by bicycle through the Dauphin Gate.
For more information, please contact Eliot Frosst via or at 902-674-0936.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

St. Peter's Offers Visitors Two Sailing Opportunities On the Largest Salt Water Lake in Canada "The Bras d'Or Lake".

Captain Greg Silvers of Cape Breton Sailing Charters

Captain Gordon Kerr of Richmond County Boat & Sailing Tours

Set Sail on The Bras d'Or Lake and Let Your Adventure Begin.
If you are looking for a sailing adventure on your next visit to Cape Breton, make sure to stop in to the Scenic and historic Village of St. Peter’s. There are two excellent Sailing charters available right in the Village for your convenience. They are Richmond County Boat & Sailing Tours with Captain Gordon Kerr and Cape Breton Sailing Charters with Captain Greg Silvers. Both of these experienced Captains are a wealth of information when it comes to sailing on the Bras d’Or Lake. They will be able to broaden your knowledge of the Bras d’Or Lake, which is the largest salt water lake in Canada and which is also known as an inland sea; and which has been designated as the 16th UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Canada. Your voyage around the Bras d’Or will take in some of the most beautiful scenic views in Cape Breton.  Besides the scenic tours of the Bras d’Or you can always customize your tour to take in a trip through the St. Peter’s Canal, which is the Oldest Working Tidal Lock System in North America or maybe include a little fishing into your tour. The tour operators goal is to make your sailing adventure, one that you and your guests will always remember.

Richmond County Boat & Sailing Tours can take up to 4 passengers and the they offer 1 ½ hour, 3 hour and a 5 hour tours. And Cape Breton Sailing Charters can take up to 8 passengers and they offer  ½ day or whole day sailing tours. For more information on both of these super sailing experiences you can go to or email or call 1-902-631-3754 for Captain Kerr of Richmond County Boat & Sailing Tours or for Captain Silvers of Cape Breton sailing tours go to or call 1-902-631-5050.

The Bluenose II Captain & Crew Given a Warm Welcome By Isle Madame

Maria Jennings with Trina Samson Step Dancers Christina Boudreau and Grace DeWolfe

Grace DeWolfe, Christina Boudreau and Leah Boudreau with Richmond MLA Michel Samson

Captain Phip Watson with Michel Samson and Samson's daughter.

August 14th, members of the Arichat Boat Club hosted a Meet & Greet for the Captain and crew of the Nova Scotia icon the Bluenose II. It was a lovely evening as Boat Club members, along with members of DIMA, the Municipality of Richmond and Richmond County MLA Michel Samson, made members of the Bluenose crew feel truly welcomed to the historic Acadian Island. Crew members of the Bluenose II were wined and dined in a true Cape Breton Tradition, and besides the delicious food they were treated to an excellent evening of entertainment. Some planned and some spontaneous. The evening was  started with appetizers, served by Trina Samson Dance School dancers, Leah Boudreau, Christine Boudreau and Grace DeWolfe, who then performed a series of step dance numbers for the gathering. Kenny Petitpas and friends, who are very talented local performers from the Isle Madame performed a number of traditional tunes for the group leading up to and following the delicious seafood chowder dinner. While guests enjoyed their dessert they were entertained with more entertainment by Petitpas and special singing performances by  the multi-talented singer and dancer, Leah Boudreau as well as an performance by three members of the Bluenose crew, which was met by the applause of the audience. During the evening there was a presentation ceremony, where gifts were presented to Captain Phil Watson and crew members. During the evening, I chatted with crew members, learning of how they came to join the Bluenose II crew and what they had learned during their sailing experience. Maria Jennings and her sister both from Alberta had gained a love for sailing after taking a sailing course in Alberta and during a trip to the east had expressed a desire to continue sailing, especially after seeing the Bluenose II in dock. Maria told me that because of her passion for the sea and sailing, she had been encouraged to apply to the Bluenose organization to become a crew member. And not only did she apply but so did her sister, and to their amazement, they had been both accepted. Their dream had become a reality and the experience they were having was above all their expectations. Maria confided it will be hard for her to picture a life now away from the sea and sailing, but would recommend the experience to any young person. She admits it is not all fun and games, there is a lot of hard work, but there is also time to enjoy the peacefulness of the sea and all the enjoyment that it brings. During time off between watches, when crew aren’t working on a maintenance project or getting some sleep, there is always time to hang out together. In tight quarters on Bluenose II, you quickly become a close-knit group. In the evenings, someone always seems to have a guitar around for a sing-along on deck, this was displayed during the evening’s entertainment as 2 young ladies, one from Alberta and one from Lunenburg were joined by a young gentlemen from Newfoundland as they joined in the musical lineup.  Before leaving Arichat Port, Captain Phil Watson in recognition of Fete Nationale Acadiens, was presented with an Acadien Flag by MLA Michel Samson and his lovely daughter, which was flown by the Bluenose on August 15. The Bluenose is truly an Ambassador for Nova Scotia and it is great to see her back out on tour.

Monday, 15 August 2016

The Village Kids Have Talent Is a Great Way to Build Confidence in Young Performers.

Today is my first entry for the Cape Breton Tourism Spotlight Blog. I took part in The Village Kids Have Talent Event on August 4th as part of the Nicolas Denys Day Festival. It was so much fun and all the kids are so talented. We all cheered each other on. There were loads of amazing young performers from ages 2 to 13 years of age, performing at the United Church Hall in St. Peter's. It was
an magnificent event put on by organizer Shanna Burke.
Myles Davidson did a great job doing the sound for all the performers. Myles also performed for us with some excellent songs from his new CD "Leaving It Behind" which was just released.
The event was made up of some spectacular dancing, singing and music. This event helps kids gain confidence to be able to get up on a stage in from of a group of spectators and show some of their talents. If you would like to try this amazing experience just contact Shanna for next year's event.

Also I want to congratulate Keira Landry from the St. Peter's area, who won first place with her singing and music performance, Jelynne Samson who hails from Greenwood, N.S. who won second place for singing  and music performance and Raya Landry from the St. Peter's area who won 3rd. place for her sword dance. It was a great evening and all participants came away with certificates for their performances as well as a certificate for an ice cream from "What's The Scoop" our ice cream shop, here in the village. I would like to thank Shanna for giving us this opportunity to perform for the festival, it was lots of fun!
Blog entry by Grace DeWolfe.

Keira Landry - 1st. Place Winner

Jelynne Samson 2nd Place Winner


Raya Landry - 3rd Place Winner

Thursday, 11 August 2016

6th. Annual Cape Breton Paddlefest Welcomes Paddlers to St. Peter's and Area from September 9th to 11th.

6th. Annual Cape Breton Paddlefest Comes to St. Peter's and Area

Paddlers from around the Province will be coming to the area to attend the 3 day fun filled signature paddling event in Richmond County. The Cape Breton Paddlefest offers a series of instruction, fun and social activities for the experienced paddler and those that maybe interested in becoming a paddler. The event showcases the paddling opportunities along the coast of the Acadian region on Isle Madame and the relative shelter of the Bras d’Or Lake. Numerous paddling routes are available within thirty kilometres of  St Peter’s, Arichat, Potlotek,  and proximate to Highway 4. Our event offers fun and accessible paddling opportunities for participants ranging from 14 to 72 years of age.

Friday September 9, 2016

5 pm to 7 pm- registration and check in at Bras d'Or Lakes

7pm to 8:30- welcome meet and greet

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Breakfast – 7 am to 8:30am  (on your own)

Welcome and safety meeting at 8:30am

Depart for Battery Provincial Park Beach 8:45am

9:30am Paddle through the St Peter's Canal

10:30am to 12:30pm  (all sessions held behind the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn)

SUP Yoga

Clinic- SUP Basics

Clinic- Kayak Basics

Clinic- Rolling

Guided Paddle- Bras d'Or Lakes

12:30pm to 1:30pm Lunch (provided)

2pm to 5pm (all clinics will launch from the St Peter's Yacht Club)

Clinic- Rolling & Rescues

Clinic- Being Prepared

Surfing- Point Michaud (SUP and Kayak)

Guided Paddle-SUP and Kayak Bras d'Or Lakes (launch from St Peter's Yacht Club)

Guided Paddle- Kayak (session will focus on wind management, rough water paddling)

Dinner- Bras d'Or Lakes Inn  6:30pm to 8:30pm  (Guest Speaker Jan Sebastian LaPierre from A for Adventure

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Breakfast 7am to 8:30am (on your own)

Safety briefing 9am lounge at the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn

10:30am to 12:30pm

Clinic- Paddlefest Wrap (launch from the St. Peter's Yacht Club)

Surfing (Kayak and SUP) Point Michaud

Guided Paddle- Arichat (Kayak and SUP)

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Cabot Cliffs Golf Course in Inverness Draws Luxury Golf Themed Cruise Ship to the Island.

Cape Breton's newest golf course has helped to attract a luxury golf-themed cruise ship to the island. A high-end golf touring company is launching its first tour of the Maritimes in September. North Carolina-based Kalos Golf operates luxury cruises and jet tours to golf destinations around the world.
Marketing vice president Casey Oliver said there's been growing interest in Cape Breton in recent years. Cabot Cliffs attracting attention "We knew about Cabot Links of course, because it had gotten such great reviews," he said. "As soon as it opened, it was in the top 25 courses in the world, so it's obviously a beautiful site.  And folks who travel with us have wanted to go there." Cruise passengers will spend two days playing the two Cabot courses in Inverness, and a day at Highlands Links in Ingonish. Cape Breton's Cabot Cliffs named best new golf course in North America.
The expedition ship carrying 120 passengers will also make stops in Halifax, St. John's, Charlottetown and St. Andrews, N.B. Golfers' dream cruise, starting at $10,788 per person. Oliver says most of the passengers booked on the tour are from the United States. Andrew Alkenbrack is general manager at Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs. "In terms of destination golf, I think that it's certainly an honour for us to have them here," he said. "To have Kalos cite us as one of the great golf destinations, and a high-end golf destination at that, is certainly a feather in our caps." Cabot Cliffs opened for preview play last July.

Alkenbrack says the media attention and word of mouth that followed has golfers flocking to Cabot in record numbers, so much so that, by January, the resort's 108 beds were at 96 per cent occupancy for the season. That's compared to about 30 per cent occupancy the previous January. "I think having two world top 100 golf courses, that really is the catalyst for the tremendous amount of growth we've seen," he said. Cabot Links is currently rated number 93 on Golf Digest's list of top 100 courses. Cabot Cliffs, which has its official grand opening on June 8, debuted at number 19. Meanwhile, Oliver said Kalos Golf has already sold out its second Canadian Maritimes tour in 2017.

Cabot Cliffs is praised by golf writers as much for its scenery as for the course itself. (Cabot Cliffs).

Sunday, 7 August 2016

183 people joined in the Swim for the Nicolas Denys Day Signature Event "Swim the Canal".

Another successful year for "Swim The Canal".  Each year since the beginning of the Nicolas Denys Day Signature event "Swim The Canal" the number of swimmers have continued to grow. This year the event saw 183 people take part,  made up of locals as well as visitors to the area who come out to join in the swim. Organizers Gordon and Ann Marie Kerr were over joyed by this years turnout.  Proceeds from this event will go towards a lighthouse maintenance fund again this year for the Jerome Point Lighthouse located in Battery Provincial Park and Campground. The organizers are preparing for when the local Lighthouse is declared a Heritage Lighthouse by Parks Canada, at which time the Light would be maintained by the Coast Guard and building maintenance undertaken by a community group and/or Battery Park.
183 swimmers take part in this years Swim the Canal

Members of the MacNeil and Owens Clan take part in this Years signature swim.

Opening the Tidal Lock Gate at the St. Peter's Canal for the Swimmers at this Years Swim.

Darren Hudson 4th. Time World Champion Log Roller entertained at the Swim The Canal Event in St. Peter's as part of Nicolas Denys Day Festival August 6th.