Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lights Out on NiteLite Boat Parade

This notice has just reached our desk, from Greg Silver, Past Commodore of the Wallace MacAskill Yacht Club.

St. Peter's NiteLite Boat Parade
I regret to advise the local boating community that due to a lack of participants we will be unable to stage the NiteLite Boat Parade on Saturday September 4th as previously announced. We appreciate the offer from Ken and Marilyn Levesconte and Dunscrapin to serve as the lead boat this year, but following their and my efforts to contact boaters to participate, and receiving no commitments, we have no other choice. We will attempt to revive this event next year as there continues to be a strong interest in the community for people to watch this event.

This notice has been posted on the NEWS page of our club website: http://www.wallacemacaskillyachtclub.com/

Greg Silver
Past Commodore

Cape Breton Tourism Loses a Valued Counsellor

This past Thursday, Cape Breton Island’s tourism industry lost one of its own. Marlene MacDonald, a Tourism Counselor and dear friend, was killed in a car accident on route 105. Marlene worked out of the Baddeck Visitor Information Centre and was a valued staff member, who enjoyed her work and was a credit to our profession. Marlene will be sadly missed by all the VIC Counselors from around the Island.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Point Michaud Classic Surf Competition

The waves were performing nicely for the surfers as they gathered to celebrate the 7th. Annual Point Michaud Classic. I was glad that I was able to get down to the beach and spend some time watching the surfers warm up for the upcoming heats and to witness the beginning of what looked to be a perfect day on the waves. Michel Richards who is the Surf program instructor and organizer of the Point Michaud Surf Classic had everything well in hand as she orgistrated everything from the set up of the event to making sure surgers were in place for the group photos and kept the heats rolling along throughout the day. This year's event had an excellent turn out of competitors coming from near and far, including two well known members of the McIntosh family. Richard and Rory McIntosh were geared up and ready to go as they took part in the adult and children's heats. Another well known competitor Eberhart Witt of Kayak Cape Breton was on hand to take part in the Kayak competion.
During the day over 450 spectators human as well as the canine variety turned out to take in this major surfing event.

Movie Production Comes to Cape Breton

Cape Breton Island has been in the public eye for many reasons over the last couple of years from being named the number one island to visit to best motor cycle route in the world. And now the small historical community of Louisbourg has come into the spotlight. Approximately 65 members of the cast and crew of the movie production “Take this Waltz” have waltzed into the community of Louisbourg over the last couple of days and are expected to be in the area until the end of next week. The production company is here to film a segment for a movie using the Fortress of Louisbourg as the main location, but also shooting minor locations around the community as well.
The film “Take This Waltz”, which has been under production in Toronto this summer, is written and directed by Sarah Polley of Road To Avonlea fame. The Fortress of Louisbourg was chosen as a location in the film because of one very important factor, the main character Margot works as a employee of Parks Canada in the film. One of her tasks is to rewrite an upgrade to the Fortress of Louisbourg brochures. What better location to film the segiment for authenticity that at thee Fortress itself? The shooting will take place at the Fortress through the first part of next week. The film is due to be released in late 2011 or early 2012 and stars Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen.
The influx of cast and crew members has also been a boost to the tourism numbers in the community of Louisbourg, with the need for accommodations and restaurants. The release of a film having the Fortress of Louisbourg as a main location can only do wonders for the visibility and the draw appeal for visitors coming to the area. Even though I am not clairvoyant I can see a large increase in visitors and interest in Louisbourg.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Cape Breton Gaelic Society Presents An Evening of Celtic Music

The presentation will take place at St. George's Church, built in 1785, at 119 Charlotte Street in Sydney. The concert starts at 8pm with Cape Breton style Fiddling and Step Dancing, Gaelic Singing, Highland Piping and Dancing, and more. Joel Chiasson on Piano, Richard MacAulay on flute, Yvon LeFort on fiddle and Janet Cameron on Piano, Lawrence Martell on Fiddle, Jayne Olson on Celtic Flute, Morag Burke - Gaelic Singer, Susan MacEachern on Piano, Melanie Peters and Taylor MacLeod - step dancers, Courtney MacPherson piper, Fred McCracken - Irish Singer, and last but not least Fr. Francis Cameron on Fiddle. Admission $10.00 available at the door, and the doors open at 7pm. All proceeds go to the Gaelic Language courses and scholarships.

Friday, 27 August 2010


Richmond County’s Recreation Surfing Program at Point Michaud had another successful season. Surf instructor Michelle Richards reports an excellent turn out by surfers of all ages and ability. The program had many new participants, with student's ages ranging from 5 to mid-sixties. Program rentals were also up as many seasoned surfers travelling through the area took the opportunity to try out this new and exciting surfing location.
Richards reports that the new surf and swim zones at Point Michaud have worked out extremely well, in making sure that all groups enjoying the beach are kept safe from injury. In previous years, it was always a concern that swimmers would get to close to the surfers, not realizing that the surf board has a sharp fin on the underside that could cause a potential risk to anyone making contact with the bottom of the board while swimming.
The 7th Annual Surf Classic Competition will take place at Point Michaud Beach on August 28th and August 29th. On Saturday, registration will take place at 10am, the official group photo at 10:30am and at 11am the competition will begin with the different divisions. The Heats will include Open Surf, Men’s Surf, Women’s Surf, Master’s Surf, Junior Boys and Girls Surf, Kids Surf, Team Surf Relay, Longboard Open, Short Board Open, Open Body Board, Open Skim Board, Open Body Surf expression Session (team), Open Paddleboard, Open Kayak Surf. All heats are 20 minutes finals. The contest is free for students of the surf program and registration is also open to non-surf students for a fee of $10. This includes entry into all divisions and activities for the event.

Throughout the day, other ongoing events will include beach volleyball, BBQ, lifeguard demonstrations, giveaways, etc. The Award ceremony will begin at approximately 4pm. In celebration of the Surf Competition, there will be an evening Surf Party at Michelle's Surf House on 391 Shore Road, Lower L'Ardoise. A BBQ will be available, so bring your own food and beverages. Musical guests to be announced. Camp out, room available inside the house too for sleeping.
Sunday will be a flexible day. With either some of the divisions ran again just for fun or a fun beach day. The forecast is calling for bigger waves this day.

If you would like to get more information on surfing go to www.surfpointmichaud.com

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Richmond County’s Recreation Surfing Program at Point Michaud is having another successful season. Surf instructor and supervisor Michelle Richards reports great numbers for those taking formal classes, with students ages ranging from 5 to mid 60s enjoying the surf. Rentals by seasoned surfers travelling through the area, and who had just learned of Point Michaud Beach being an excellent surf location, were up as well. Richards reports that the new surf and swim zones and a life guard at Point Michaud have worked out extremely well in making sure that all groups enjoying the beach are kept safe from injury.
The 7th Annual Surf Classic Competition will take place at Point Michaud Beach on August 28th and August 29th, with a good outlook for surfing conditions.
Anyone wishing to help with the setup for the competition is asked to be on site by 9am on Saturday. Registration for the event will take place at 10am, with the official group photo being taken at 10:30am. At 11am the competition will begin with the different divisions. The Heats will include Open Surf, Men’s Surf, Women’s Surf, Master’s Surf, Junior Boys and Girls Surf, Kids Surf, Team surf relay, Longboard Open, Shortboard Open, Open Body Board, Open Skim Board, Open Body Surf expression Session (team), Open Paddle board, Open Kayak Surf. All heats are 20 minutes finals.
Throughout the day, other ongoing events will include beach volleyball, BBQ, lifeguard demonstrations, giveaways, etc. The Award ceremony will begin at approximately 4pm. If any businesses in the area would like to donate prizes for the competition awards, it would be greatly appreciated, just give Michelle a call at 1-902-227-1230.
In celebration of the Surf Competition, there will be an evening- Surf Party at Michelle's Surf House on 391 Shore Road, Lower L'ardoise. Camp out, room available inside the house for sleeping, bring your own refreshments, musical guests to be announced.
On Sunday, the organizers will either run all the events again for fun, (same schedule as Saturday day) giving everyone a second chance at being a winner or we will just have a fun beach day of surf depending on conditions and how the party goes from the night before.
Michelle has established a new and exciting web site, including information on surf conditions, Rentals and surf classes, shopping opportunity at the Surf store, photo Gallery and video clips and face book information. To check it out go to www.surfpointmichaud.com.
For anyone wanting to check events happening on the Cape Breton Heritage Coast you can get a daily update and also obtain information on what is happening around the Island by going to my blog at www.tourismspotlight.blogspot.com
Until next week, have fun while travelling around Richmond.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Great deal for Golfers

The Dundee Resort and Golf Club continues to offer exceptional deals to golfers. All summer long the Golf Club has offered Twilight golf Tuesday for a round of golf including a golf cart and taxes for $40.00. The Resort also offers Thirty Thursday where golfers can play any time Thursday for $30.00 for a round of golf including a cart and taxes. Now the deals also include twilight golf after 12pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. This deal includes a round of golf, cart and taxes for $40.00. Golfers would be hard pressed to find a deal as good as this anywhere else on Cape Breton, where golfers can play a exceptional course for extraordinary prices.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Importance of Visitor Information Centres

We take it for granted; being from an island that understands the importance of Visitor Centers to the community. This week I had a man and woman in the VIC from Bridgewater asking what was in St. Peter's and the surrounding area to see and do. These visitors then asked, as so many do, how was tourism in our area. I told the couple that the number of visitors traveling through our Center had increased. And then I asked about tourism in their area and I was suprised by their response.

They told me that since their Visitor Information Centre had closed a couple of years ago, visitors were not stopping in the town, they were just driving through. That without the VIC to direct people to the attractions, visitors were passing through the area as they didn't know how to find the sites. As a result businesses in the area were missing out on the tourism buck.

Wine and Dine 18th Century Style

Take in the extraordinary event of “The Governor’s Table”, an 18th century Louisbourg Wine Pairing. Mark Saturday, September 4th, on your calendar and at 6pm rendezvous at Gate 2. Where you will enjoy a special taste of the 18th. Century as sommeliers Philip and Rosalind Belitsky team. NSCC’s Chef Joel Boyer will lead you through six remarkable courses and wine selections inspired by the rich culinary history of the Fortress of Louisbourg. The tour begins at 6:15pm and at 7pm a spectactular dining experience begins. Tickets are $65.00, and must be purchased in advance.
Also at the Fortress of Louisbourg visitors will want to enjoy one of Louisbourg’s Murder Mystery performances which will be presenting its final performance of the season on August 26th. And the Fortress Dinner Theatre performances will continue until Sept.1st, so if you have not experiences either of these great venues there is still time.
Tickets for these events can be purchased online or at the Louisbourg Townhall Box Office during business hours. Or for more information call 1-902-733-2694.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Come Witness History and Enjoy the Experience of the Fortress of Louisbourg

The Feast of St. Louis will take place on August 22th. The Fortress of Louisbourg will be open from 9am to 5pm. Fees adults 17.60 seniors $14.95, Youth $8.80 and Family passes $44.10. Prices include all applicable taxes, children 5 and under are admitted free. Schedule of Activities and Guided Tours.Guided Tour (75 minutes, De La Plagne, #34) at 11am. Military Demonstraton (Waterfront, #10) at 11:15am. Orientation Tour (30 Minutes, Lartique, #10) 12:30pm. Military Demonstration (Waterfront, #10) at 1:30pm. Guided Tour (75 Minutes, De La plagne, #34) 2pm. Ambigu (Engineer's Property #20) 2pm. Fairytale Theatre (English, Bigot #50) 2:15pm. Salon du Chocolat (Grandchamps, #48) 2:30pm. Fairytale Theatre (French, Bigot #50), 2:45pm. Procession/Te Deum'Military Demonstration (Engineer's Property, #20)3:30pm. Upper Class Dance (Engineer's Property, #20) 4:00pm. Military Demonstration(Waterfront, #10) 5:10pm
Ask a guide or costumed interpreter about our other children's activities. For people with reduced mobility, inquire about an alternate route to our reconstructed townsite.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Lots to do for visitors coming to Cape Breton and the Cape Breton Heritage Coast. All summer long visitors have been able to take in an excellent variety of entertainment including; a Monday night square dance at the United Church Hall, the Ceilidhs at the Bras d’Or lakes Inn on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and the Kitchen Racket at the Inn on Sunday afternoons and the free outdoor Concerts By the Sea Series that alternate weekly between St. Peter’s and Arichat and nightly live entertainment at the Dundee Resort and Golf Club. Besides these scheduled weekly events there have been Community Festivals and Concerts held at the Lions Hall, Community Centres and Local Accommodation venues. There are also a number of Dinner Theatres being offered around Cape Breton for the enjoyment of our visitors and local residents as well this summer.
The Fortress of Louisbourg has two excellent events that have been running on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm all summer that are truly marvelous. The Murder Mystery Tour has been drawing rave reviews for the production and of course the location. What better place to have a murder mystery.
The production of "The Evil Thereof" was written by Sandy Anthony. During the evening you will witness the private dealings of the townsfolk as the tour guide leads you through the streets and homes of the 18th century town. Of course during the evening someone will meet with an untimely end, and as darkness closes in, you will join the cast of suspects in the candle lit tavern and help the sergeant figure out who did the nasty deed.
Time is getting short if you would like to take in this event. The last tour will be on August 26. Tickets are $24.90 and can be purchased on line or at the Louisbourg Town Hall box office.
Another excellent event held at the Fortress of Louisbourg is the Dinner Theatre production of "For Love or Money", by Lindsay Thompson. Guests will enjoy an 18th century style meal served in the Fortress tavern while you are entertained to a delightful comedy with unforgettable characters, music and lighthearted humor. The production will run on Wednesday nights at 6pm until September 1. Tickets are $45.00 each and can be purchased on line at www.fortressoflouisbourg.ca or at the Louisbourg Townhall box office.
The community of Louisbourg also offers the Beggars Banquet the 18th Century dining experience held at the Point of View Suites. The evening starts at 6pm, dressed in period costume you will enjoy excellent food and great entertainment. A perfect complement to a day at the Fortress, to reserve your seat call 1-902-733-2080 or toll free at 1-888-374-8439 by 5pm.
Another venue in Cape Breton that has been offering visitors to the island an excellent entertainment opportunity is Theatre On The Hill in Ingonish. This summer the production company has offered 3 options to the visitor for evenings of total enjoyment. First there is "Fiddler on the Hill Ceilidh", this popular Ceilidh which is perfect for the entire family is held at St. Johns Hall in Ingonish. Brenda Stubbert, Paul Cranford and Sarah Beck have been featured each week along with special guests. The Ceilidh starts at 8:15pm and will be playing August14, 21 and 28, tickets are$10.00 and can be purchased at St. Johns Hall box office which opens at 5pm. The second production will be showing at St. John’s Hall in Ingonish at 8:15pm. "Wrong for Each Other", A chance meeting in a restaurant, after four years apart, sends a couple flashing back through the highs and lows of their courtship and marriage. It is a hilarious and often heart-breaking look at the roller coaster ride of a relationship. This event will run August 15, 18 ,23 and 26, and September 12, and 15 and October 11. Tickets can be purchased for $10.00 at St. Johns Hall Box Office, which opens at 5pm. The third production from the Theatre company is "Cinderella Confidential" written by Eric Coble. The production will be showing at The Broad Cove Campground outdoor theatre at 8:15pm, on August 16 and 23.
This delightful comedy finds two investigative reporters competing for the scoop of the century, Deb Jabber from Action Newsday Now and Sonny Glamour from Glitter Kingdom Today interview everyone from a fairy godmother in desperate need of a day planner to mice in the witness protection program. Look for cameos from Pinocchio, Jack and his cow, and other celebrities in this no-holds barred expose of the timeless love story and what it means to
find and tell the truth.
Tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased at the Broad Cove Campground.
And last but not least, the Atlantic Classical Piano Recital with Jan Lisiecki will be debuting at the English Country Garden B&B on September 13th, in Indian Brook, on the Cabot Trail. Tickets will be $15.00 for more information and for tickets call 1-866-929-2721, seating is limited.
If you have not had an opportunity to take in these super events, there is still time.
Until next week, have fun.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Production Company Comes to St. Peter's

A quick note on Sunday happenings. Paul Bernard of Bernard Productions stopped in at the St. Peter's Visitor Information Centre to get some background information on the Village of St. Peter's. Paul did a short on camera interview at the VIC on what visitors are looking for when they arrive in the village. I was alot more nervous talking to a camera than to a visitor. I gave Paul the name of some folks I was sure could assist him, as he is in the process of doing a documentary on the village.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Seadoo on the Bras d'Or Lakes

I want to share this beautiful Sunday, so peaceful and just the perfect weather to be out on the lake. And that is exactly what our local jetskier thought as he skipped across the lake in front of our Visitor Information Center with not a care in the world.

Friday, 13 August 2010

One Stop Shopping at Louisbourg’s Town Hall

Town Hall is definitely a stop visitors should make while visiting Louisbourg. Visitors can get great information on Louisbourg and the surrounding areas from the Visitor Information Center’s well informed and professionally trained staff members. The VIC Staff have their finger on the pulse of the area and will be able to give you up to date information on all the local happenings such as festivals, suppers and events taking place at the Fortress and in the area. New to Louisbourg’s Town Hall this year is the beautiful Artisan’s Display and Sales area, featuring local artisans work. The perfect place to pick up those sought after gifts to take back home. The Fortress Louisbourg Association also has a box office at the Town Hall with friendly staff on hand to assist visitors in obtaining tickets for events such as the Fortress Dinner Theatre and Murder Mystery Tour, which will be taking place weekly at the Fortress.
Whether you require information on sites, events or assistance to purchase tickets to the Fortress venues or items from the unique gift shop, friendly staff are waiting to assist you. Make to sure mark the Town Hall at Louisbourg on your agenda as a place to visit.

View of Richmond

Great news keeps streaming in giving Cape Breton Island the accolades it so well deserves. This time it is the motorcycle industry that is giving us the nod. In a survey done by HOG Canada Magazine, the Cabot Trail was declared the #1 famous road as recommended for H.O.G. members to explore. In the H.O.G. Canada Magazine survey, HOG members were asked to vote for the best motorcycle road, they were given 10 motorcycle routes to choose from. The choices were, the Florida Keys, the Highwood Pass in Kananaski, Alberta, the Cabot Trail, the Highway from Wyoming leading in-to Sturgis, the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler, the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, the Pacific Coast Highway on the US west coast, Route Napoleon in France, the Alaska Highway and the Great Ocean Road in Australia. And out of these 10 choices, with an outstanding 97% of the popular vote, the Cabot Trail, with just over 1000 votes, was declared overall top choice. The other routes rated as follows: #2- the Blue Ridge Parkway, #3- the Pacific Coast Highway, #4- the Route Napoleon, #5-the Florida Keys, #6- the Sea to Sky Highway, #7-the Alaska Highway, #8-the Highway from Wyoming leading to Sturgis, #9- the Great Ocean Road and in last place the Highwood Pass in Alberta. Is it any wonder that Bikefest had such a turn out and the bikers that had registered to attended this yeas event, and those that just happened to arrive while it was going on, are talking about coming back to Cape Breton to take in the Bikefest again next year.
Attention all music lovers, Richmond has some great entertainment events coming up this weekend. On August 13th, The Carleton Stone Band will perform at the Bras d’Or Lakes Inn, St. Peter’s from 9pm-12am, and Jason Williams will perform at Chanter’s Pub at the Dundee Resort from 6-9pm. On August 14th there are some super events. JP Cormier will perform with the Elliot Brothers from 8-10:30pm at the St. Peter’s Lions Hall and Andrea Beaton will perform at the Bras d’Or lakes Inn, St. Peters from 8-11pm. Jason Williams will perform at the Dundee Resort's MacRae’s Dining Room from 6-9pm.
Also on Aug 14th, at the Loch Lomond Community Centre folks can enjoy an excellent Codfish Supper from 4-6pm.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Visitors travelling in Richmond this summer have had no shortage of activities to choose from to fill their days. There was a steady flow of visitors stopping at the VIC to ask how to get to D'Escousse for the Lennox Passage Days and where did they turn off to get to the 247 for The Acadian Day Festival in L'Ardoise. And the Nicolas Denys days has always been a popular event for visitors. Monday we had Jack and Carole Morgan from Kansas come in to the VIC and pick up a schedule for the festival. The first thing they asked was could they register for the geo-caching event. They told me they had been travelling all around Cape Breton and just loved taking in the local events and talking to the local residents and had actually stayed longer than they had expected because they were having so much fun. These are the comments we are hearing on a daily basis.
The Nicolas Denys Days festival has had another successful run. Numbers for most of the events surpassed expectations of the organizers. The starting event saw 91 people show up for the sheep shearing demonstration and 120+ turned out for the Poker Run. The high turnout also translated into an excellent outcome for the Ultimate Bingo fundraiser for the MacAskill House Museum, having 250 people turn out for the event. The auction was also a successful event for the museum. Other successful events were the Friends of Leona's Chowder Dinner a fund-raiser for the Cancer Society, and the Cape Breton Heritage Coast Ceilidhs. Numbers were very good for the Teddy Bears Picnic and the Kids Day Events and dances. Congratulations to all the festival organizers for a job well done and a special thanks to the volunteers and to the Destination Cape Breton Trekers who helped during the festival.
During this years Nicolas Denys Festival, the St. Peter's Community Club has published a special edition of the St. Peter's 360 1650-2010 Gazette. The Gazette is made up of articles on the Nicolas Denys Museum "How It All Began", the Cosy Corner, St. Peter's Fire Department, The Canal Lock-master house, the St. Peter's Train Service and DY Stewart, and MacAskill, "A St. Peter's Son", there is also lots of Trivia, and a Do You Remember section. The paper is a great reminder of days gone by and an excellent way to celebrate St. Peter's Anniversary. It is also a great souvenir idea to send to St. Peter's residents living away from home. The Gazette can be purchased in stores and at the St. Peter's VIC for $3.00.
Now for a look at up coming events in the area: There will be the Weekly Square Dance at the United Church Hall in St. Peter's starting at 6:30pm, and the Wednesday and Thursday night Ceilidhs at the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn starting at 7pm. And the Kitchen Racket which will take place at the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn on Sunday afternoons from 2-5pm.
The Carleton Stone Band will entertain at the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn, in St. Peter's on August 13th, from 9pm until 1am. You must be 19 years + to attend.
Andrea Beaton will entertain at the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn on August 14th from 8 to 11pm, tickets are $8.00 and the over 19 rule applies.
August 14th JP Cormier and the Elliot Brothers will be performing at the St. Peter's Lions Hall in St. Peter's starting at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling Verna at 535-2166 for $15.00 or at the door for $20.00.
The annual summer Festival Acadien de Petit de Grat will take place from August 9th to the 15th.
The Causeway Tea will be held at the Point Tupper Heritage Church in Point Tupper from 2-4pm on Sunday August 15th.
There will be an outdoor concert featuring McGinty held at the Dundee Resort on Thursday August 19th. The concert will be held in the big tent at the resort with the doors of the tent opening at 7pm. The concert will begin 8pm, and tickets are $25.00 per person including taxes.
Until next week, enjoy the beautiful scenery, great variety of entertainment and the beautiful weather during your stay in St. Peter's.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cape Breton Island is for Everyone

Its not only our human visitors that love coming to Cape Breton. Betty, this beautiful Border Collie, has been coming to Cape Breton for the last few summers and seems to know as soon as she come to the Causeway that she is on Cape Breton Island. Her American owner said she starts wining and gets really excited as soon as she crosses the Causeway. Betty's owner stated that Betty loves the freedom she has here rather than in the city. Betty loves to take long runs and loves to swim in the water. She thinks Betty knows she is here from the smell of the salt water in the air.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Fortress a Hit with Ontario Boy

During his stop at the VIC in St. Peter's, 6 year old Connor from Ontario was quite excited to show me his French soldiers hat, purchased at the Fortress of Louisbourg gift shop. Visiting the Fortress was one of the highlights of his trip to Cape Breton. He really did look quite impressive.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Beautiful Day on the Lakes

Saturday was a great day for sailing on the Bras d'Or Lakes. From our deck at the St. Peter's VIC I couldn't help but feel a light pang of envy as I watched the boats out on the lake. Some of the boaters just taking their time relaxing and taking in the beautiful sea air. Others zipping over the waves and letting the breeze blow through their hair. St. Peter's is the perfect spot for enjoying a beautiful, carefree summer day on the lake.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Kansas Team in for Geo-caching

Carole and Jack Morgan from Kansas were the first to stop in to register for the Nicolas Denys Days geo-caching event. The Morgans were taking their time visiting all the communities around Cape Breton and had extended their stay in each of the communities because they wanted to take part in events such as the Nicolas Denys Days. Two local teams who registered for the geo-caching were Leanne Landry & kids and Cathy McPhee and the McPhees.
Nicolas Denys Days really a hit with the visitors and locals alike. Monday the festival organizers had an excellent response for the sheep-shearing event as 91 people turned out to see the shearer in action, and one hundred and forty people turned out to take part in the pokerrun. The Ultimate Merchandise Bingo had an attendance of approximately 250 people. Way to go! This was a great response for the MacAskill fundraiser. On Tuesday, 60 children and their parents took part in the Teddy Bear Picnic, and the winner of this years War Canoe Race was the team of Soberly Challenged captained by Gloria Carter. Thursday's kids day event, all though being moved inside in case of iffy weather, turned out to be another success with over 50 children taking part in the events.

Thursday, 5 August 2010


The summer has been full of activities for visitors to enjoy and one event that always captures the interest of our visitors is The Nicolas Denys Days in St. Peter’s from August 2 to 8th. This is the festival held every year in honor of St. Peter’s founding father, French Trader Nicolas Denys.
This year’s festival will include the following events:
August 5th there will be a day full of fun for all ages, including kids day with lots of activities planned, friends of Leona Chowder dinner, pre-teen, and teen dances, the CBHC Ceilidh at the Bras d’Or Lakes Inn and the Battery Park Campfire series.
Thursday will be another fun filled day of events including a Mock Jail, the Danny MacDonald Memorial Tournament, and a Film Screening of 4 short films: the Copain Trilogy and Conscript by Jacob Owens. By popular demand the Deep Fried Turkey and Home Fries are back, Battery Park Nature Chat and live entertainment and wing night at MacBouch.
Saturday events include an Artisan Craft Market come and check out the excellent selection of artisans work, and our budding artists at work at the Chalk on the Sidewalk event. The Oldies Drive Inn (Antique Cars and Muscle automobiles) cruising through Battery Park will be of interest to antique car buffs. Entertainment by the very talented Charlie A’Court will take place at the Bras d’Or Lakes Inn starting at 8pm. Purchase your ticket for the Charlie A' Court performance and get a chance to win dinner with Charlie, call 535-2200 for more details. And to end the evening's activities what would the festival be without the Festival Dance held at the Lions Hall.
August 8th events include 5km run, Parish Potluck, Festival Parade and the Cape Breton Heritage Coast Kitchen Racket, the Concert By the Sea at the band stand and Mitch MacDonald (of Canadian Idol fame) at the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn.
What an incredible line-up of events. Definitely mark these dates on your calendar for an enjoyable week of events. For a full list of times and events stop in at the St. Peter's Visitor Information Center at 10259 Hwy #4 or call 535-2185.
Visitors planning a trip to Richmond as well as local residents will want to mark August 14th on their calendar for the Concert by JP Cormier and the Elliot Brothers coming to the St. Peter's Lions Hall. The event will run from 8 to 10:30pm. Cormier one of Cape Breton's finest performers will team with the top notched talent of the Elliot Brothers for an evening of entertainment, which will definitely be one of the major events of the summer. The show is sure to be a sold out event, so don't delay, get your tickets early. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $15.00 by calling Verna at 535-2166 or on concert night for $20.00 at the door.
For all those who would like to check out our new blog with a spotlight on tourism and a daily list of events taking place, go to tourismspotlight.blogspot.com. This month visitors to the blog will find a survey of 5 questions on "What helped you decide to chose Cape Breton as your vacation destination." I hope you will take the time to check off what items helped you decide.
Until next week, have fun in Richmond.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Howard Destination Picks

While having my coffee this morning I watched ASN's Breakfast TV where Gary Howard of CAA Atlantic, listed the Community of Cheticamp as one of 5 great travel destinations in Atlantic Canada. Cheticamp was highlighted as having great seafood, friendly people and beautiful scenery and also being the gateway to the Cape Breton National Park. Howard also mentioned the Bell Bay Golf course in Baddeck as being an excellent course and the Highland Links Golf course located in Ingonish, as being one of the best in Canada. Other great Atlantic travel destinations mentioned were New Brunswick's St. Andrews by the Sea, the South Shore of Nova Scotia, the Eastern side of PEI and the city of St. Johns Newfoundland.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Advertising Works

Paul Battle stopped in at the VIC on Sunday morning to gather some information and use the internet before returning to Ontario. While in Cape Breton, he joined members of the Bikefest as they toured the Cabot Trail and Sydney. In a conversation with Mr. Battle on what helped him to decide to come to Cape Breton, he told me the advertisments about Cape Breton and Nova Scotia he saw on TV in the Spring had a large effect on his decision. He said others people from Ontario he met while here said the same. If you are a visitor to this area, let me know what helped you pick Cape Breton. Vote in the online poll on the right of the page.

Baddeck Gets Mention on MSN homepage.

More Accolades for Cape Breton. In an article written by Gregory Pynn for enRoute, Air Canada's travel magazine, Baddeck is acclaimed as a sparkling jewel that on closer view shines just as brighly as the Cabot Trail itself. You can read it your self at http://travel.ca.msn.com/canada/spafax-article.aspx?cp-documentid=24684421
It is great to see Baddeck get recognition as more than just the start of the Cabot Trail.