Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rainy Day Visit to La Picasse's Marine Research Centre

One of the questions I get asked a lot at the Visitor Center by mom and dads visiting the area, is what can you do with children on rainy days? Well today was rainy, so I headed over to Petit de Grat with my granddaughter to check out the Marine Centre at La Picasse. My granddaughter had a ball, when we first entered the centre Grace checked out the touch tank to see what she could see. Then she strolled by the six aquariums which housed various types of fish and sea life. Next we visited with marine staff member Simone who showed us around the compound. We saw lobsters that were a little different, one that was a little off colour because of a deficiency of some sort and another lobster that had a deformed claw. Next we checked out the holding tank which held 10 year old lobsters that were laying eggs. Then it was off to see some 3 year old lobsters which were just being place in their new holding facility. They were no larger than 4 inches in length, and had just molted their shell. My granddaughter got to touch the soft new shell of the lobster; which she found very interesting. We also had the opportunity to see the shells that the little lobsters had just shed it was amazing, it looked like they had just slipped out of their suit, the shell was totally in tack. We thanked Simone for taking the time to show us the Center and headed back home.

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