Friday, 7 October 2011

View of Richmond

Fall is up on us, and the weather is seasonal and the changing leaves are beautiful. It has always been one of my favorite times of the year, and it is great to see that our visitors are agreeing with me, as they stop by the visitor centre and comment on how beautiful the leaves are. Of course they are also curious as to why so many homes seem to have large amounts of old furniture and other items at the end of their driveways! Oh well! They seem to understand once I explain about heavy garbage pickup. A couple of questions asked by our visitors are why do some of the homes have a star hung on the front of them. I was not sure myself what the star indicated, and one of my visitors actually brought me in the explanation. The star is a barn star which was viewed as a symbol of good luck to many farmers as they still are today, and make a very popular decorative accent to a garden wall or home front. Here is a generally accepted view of what the some of the different colours indicate as it pertains to the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch tradition. Brown means earth, can also mean friendship and strength; Green indicates growth, fertility, success in things and ideas that grow; Orange indicates abundance in career, projects and matters needing an added push, just to mention a few.

Great to see lots of visitors travelling in October and there are lots of events planned for them to experience. On October 8th, take in an Old Fashioned Grand River Square Dance and Social at the Grand River Fire Hall from 8:30pm until midnight, admission $7.00. On October 9th, Development Isle Madame Association will host Family Fun Day (free event) at the Cap Auguet Eco Trail, Boudreauville Entrance from 2-4 pm, with a BBQ, games and prizes; great fun for the whole family. The Riverdale Community Center has two events taking place on October 16th, the Riverdale Jamboree will take place from 2 to 5pm, admission is $5.00 and at 8pm the weekly Sunday Night Riverdale’s 45 Card play will resume. On October 24th, there will be a Lasagna Dinner from 11am until 1pm. Tickets $10.00 and can be picked up at La Picasse in Petit de Grat.

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