Friday, 23 March 2012

View of Richmond

The planning for the upcoming tourism season is definitely on the move. Destination Cape Breton Association (DCBA) is in the process of producing an Experience & Packaging Booklet. This small information booklet will be used as a handout and distributed to Visitor Information Centres around Cape Breton Island, as well as at the Cape Breton Kiosk located on the Halifax waterfront, used for mail outs to potential visitors, and used as a marketing piece at trade shows and special events. The booklet will sport an iconic image on the front cover and have a beautiful variety of photos throughout this marketing piece. It will be used to showcase the experiences and packages available to visitors.

This beautifully done advertising piece will give operators of the tourism industry across Cape Breton Island the opportunity to develop and promote their products and experiences to a greater degree, making it more effective to grow a potential customer base and increase the exposure in the existing markets as well as to broaden exposure to new markets.

If your package or experience meets the specific criteria set for the booklet, operators are encouraged to join DCBA in producing this new and exciting lure piece at nominal fee. For more information go to or call DCBA at 1-902-563-4636.

On April 19th, Destination Cape Breton Association will be hosting Tourism Industry Day. This year’s presentation will be on what DCBA is doing to move into 2012. DCBA has completed its marketing plan and has a clear focus on how they will proceed this year. So make sure to mark April 19th on your calendar. More updates will be coming as the day draws closer.

If you are a member of a non-profit group and are planning on applying for a grant to help market your 2012 Festival or Event, keep in mind that the deadline for your application to the DCBA marketing Program is March 31st, 2012. Remember that as part of the criteria, all festivals must be listed on For those organizations applying, if your organization received funding in the last fiscal year, make sure that your final report from your event was sent in to DCBA so that you will be eligible for consideration this year.

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