Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tourism in Richmond County

Breaking news for Surfers: this year the Department of Recreation for Richmond County has offered some new surfing packages in their summer surf program.  This summer there have been three new additions. A child surf club will run on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings from 10 to 11:30am throughout the summer. It will include lessons, their wetsuits, and surfboard rentals for a fee of $75.00. A female surf club will also run throughout the summer on Monday and Friday mornings
from 10 to 11:30am. The charge for this program will be $125.00, which will include their wetsuit, instructions and surfboard rentals. And the adult Surf Club will run from 10 to 11:30am on Wednesday and Sunday mornings throughout the summer. The course will include instruction, wetsuit and surfboard rentals for a fee of $125.00. These courses offer an excellent opportunity to learn the art of surfing. The Recreation Department’s Surf instructors, under coach Michelle
Richards, will again be offering lessons throughout the summer to individuals who do not want to be part of the 3 above clubs. Surf instructors Carli and Matt, as well as Michelle, will be on hand to
give instructions to those interested in taking individual lessons. Lessons will consist of a one and a half hour period for a fee of $40.00 or a 4 lesson package of one and a half hours each for a fee of
$120.00; fees include instruction, wetsuit and surf board. For surfers coming to Point Michaud Beach who will not be taking lessons and only require surf equipment the surf program can also meet their needs. There will be a fee of $10.00 for the rental of either a surfboard or wetsuit or and a fee of $15.00 when you rent both items.  The surf program at Point Michaud Beach will start July 1st. and run throughout the summer season. To check the Surf Report: call 1-902-227-1230 and the summer beach landline is 1-902-587-5112. If you enjoy the beach and love the smell of the ocean and being out in the water this is a perfect sport to take up and an excellent way to stay fit.
The Nova Scotia Familiarization tour made a visit to St. Peter’s on Friday and Saturday visiting shops and museums in the area. The FAM tour made a drive through the St. Peter’s area and thorough the
beautiful island of Isle Madame, giving operators from the mainland of Nova Scotia an overview of Richmond’s attractions such as beaches, gift shops, museums, restaurants and tourism properties.
On the local scene: Friday June 15th there will be a Concert held at the St. George’s Channel Community Hall starting at 7pm. On Sunday June 17th there will be a Variety Concert held at the Lakeside Community Centre in Sampsonville starting at 7:30pm. Also on Sunday, there will be a Country Breakfast held at St. Georges Channel Community Hall from 9am until 11am. The Riverdale Jamboree will take place on Father’s Day at the Riverdale Community Centre in Lower River starting at 2pm.

Until next week I hope you enjoy exploring Richmond and I would like
to wish all you fathers a very Happy

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