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Race The Cape 2013 Cape Breton Island-July 17 to July 22


Cape Breton's Bras D'Or Lake is the place to be for those who love the sea- beautiful ships, excellent location and lots of excitement. Come to Cape Breton this summer and be part of it all. 


The Race

Race the Cape is four days of challenging point-to-point sail racing, both inland and coastal ocean, broken into four legs of up to 40 nautical miles through the Bras d’Or and along the Atlantic coast of Cape Breton Island.  Race the Cape is an International Sailing Federation – Off Shore Special Regulations (OSR) Category 4 Race, generally sailed during daylight hours.  There are both Spinnaker and Non-Spin Divisions.
The Location: The Bras d’Or is a 450 square mile inland sea; connected to the Atlantic Ocean through natural channels, with deep salt water, virtually no fog, little tide influence, and few navigational hazards.  Prevailing July winds are SW at 10 – 15 knots, typically rising to 15 – 20 knots in the afternoons with gust to 20 to 25 knots as the waters narrow between the long ridges of hills and low mountains (600 to 1000 feet) that define the channels.  An exceptionally windy July day will see gusts to 30 or even 35 knots in these channels.  In July, Bras d’Or water temperatures are usually in the 70’s.

July 17, 2013
Official Opening Ceremonies
                                           St Peter’s Lions Club Marina

Registration, Skippers Meeting for the first race the following morning, evening reception, and entertainment.

 Leg 1 - St Peter’s to Ben Eoin


Yacht Race – St. Peters to Ben Eoin – July 18, 2013
Start Location: St. Peters Marina-Finish Location: Ben Eoin Marina
Distance: 30 nm
10 am start – 6 to 9 hours in duration

July 19, 2013

Leg 2 - Ben Eoin to Baddeck:

Start Location: Ben Eoin Marina
             Ben Eoin to Barra Strait Bridge (Grand Narrows/Iona) – 20 nm
                                   Barra Strait Bridge to Baddeck – 10 nm
                                     Finish Location: Bras d’Or Yacht Club
                                                  Total Distance: 30 nm
                                    10 am start – 6 to 9 hours in duration

Layover day in Baddeck – July 20, 2013

Participants have the option of touring the world-famous Cabot Trail, golfing at the award-winning Bell Bay Golf Club or participating in the local historic McCurdy Cup Sail Race.

Leg 3 of the Race- Baddeck to North Sydney- July 21, 2013

Start Location: Bras d’Or Yacht Club
Finish Location: Northern Yacht
Distance: 40 nm
Start time 10 am – 6 to 10 hours in duration

Leg 4 of the Race - North Sydney to Sydney – July 22, 2013

Yacht race from North Sydney to Sydney Harbour Outer Marker to Sydney.
                                      Start Location: Northern Yacht Club
Finish Location: Dobson Yacht Club
Distance:  20 nm
10 am start – 4 to 6 hours in duration

Here are a list of current Entrants in Race The Cape- 2013

Entrants                                                               Home Port:                                               Skipper


•Adrenaline Rush - J/2               Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Halifax, N.S.         Greg Blunden

•Airways - C&C 33-2                                            Bras d'Or Yacht Club, Baddeck, N.S.         Paul Jamieson

•Amarisa - Beneteau Oceanis 323                                                        Ben Eoin, N.S.         Richard Logue

•Aria - Beneteau 34                                                     Pictou Yacht Club, Pictou, N.S.          Bill Sterns                                   

•Aurora - C&C 34/36XL               Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Halifax, N.S.          Rod Desborough,                                            

                                                                                                                                                        & John Engweiler              

•Avatar - Hughes 38 -3                              Northern Yacht Club, North Sydney, N.S.         Walter M Pelley

•Bhreagh - Mirage 29                                 Dartmouth Yacht Club, Dartmouth, N.S.          Robert MacLeod

•Defiant - CS 33                                       Royal Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club, Digby, N.S.          Ed Sulis

•Dreamcatcher- Swan 48 S & S - Hingham Yacht/New Bedford Yacht Clubs, Mass, US -Stephen Kylander            

•Endurance - C&C 35 Mk.II (Modified Deck)-     Dobson Yacht Club, Sydney, N.S.          Robert Sampson

•Euphoria - Sigma 33                                                  Pictou Yacht Club, Pictou, N.S.           John Coffin

•Frisco Kid - Beneteau First 375           St. Margaret Sailing Club, Glen Haven, N.S.         Mike McPhee

•Galadriel 2 - J24 -Royal BVI Yacht &Pointe du Chêne Yacht Clubs, Shediac Bay, NB      Mary Jordan

•Gay Wind - Berthon Gauntlet 8 ton -              Bras d'Or Yacht Club, Baddeck, N.S.         Mac Fuller

•Harmony - C&C 27 Mk.2 -                                      Dobson Yacht Club, Sydney, N.S.         Joe Chisholm

•Hot Water - J/70                            Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Halifax, N.S.        Ed Backman

•Icarus - Sigma 33                                                        Dobson Yacht Club, Sydney, N.S.        Vaughan Merchant

•Juvenile Delinquent - J/24           Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Halifax, N.S.         Ted Murphy                

•Kokopelli - CS 33                            Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Halifax, N.S.        David Barlow

•Koobalibra - C&C 115                                  Dartmouth Yacht Club, Dartmouth, N. S.      Brian Fitzgerald

•Life of Reilly II - Beneteau 423    Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Halifax, N.S.       Peter Blunden

•Little Marie - Beneteau 361            Wallace MacAskill Yacht Club, St. Peters, N.S.       Rex Dunn

•Morgan “D” - C&C 27 Mk.3                     Northern Yacht Club, North Sydney, N.S.       Dean Baldwin

•Nearmiss Again - Beneteau 361     Wallace MacAskill Yacht Club, St. Peters, N.S.       Gerry MacDonnell

•Nieve - C&C 30 Mk2                                  Northern Yacht Club, North Sydney, N.S.       John Anderson

•Oban - Beneteau 37                                                    Pictou Yacht Club, Pictou, N.S.       John Fraser

•Osprey - Beneteau First 305                                 Armdale Yacht Club, Halifax, N.S.       Todd MacEachern

•Ou-La-La - Beneteau 473 TM      Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Halifax, N.S.       Michael Oulahen

•Outrageous - US 30                                   Northern Yacht Club, North Sydney, N.S.       Thomas Hastie

•Patience - Nonsuch 30                                Chester Yacht Club (CYC), Chester, N.S.        Bruce Flinn

•Petrel - Paceship P 32/28                                       Dobson Yacht Club, Sydney, N.S.        Sandy MacNeill

•Prospector - C&C 99              Barrachois Harbour Yacht Club, Tatamagouche, N.S.       Andy Shand

•Reggae - Beneteau First 40.7       Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Halifax, N.S.       David Stanfield         

•Salazar - C&C 37/40 XL                                            Dobson Yacht Club, Sydney, N.S.        Ken Heaton

•Sniper - Kirby 30 (modified)                      Northern Yacht Club, North Sydney, N.S.        John Astephen                      

•Son of a Preacher Man - Hunter 38 Wallace MacAskill Yacht Club, St. Peters, N.S.      Dale Hicks 

•Tempest - J/29                                              Northern Yacht Club, North Sydney, N.S.     Michael Johnson

•Windermere - Catalina 30                         Northern Yacht Club, North Sydney, N.S.       Paul MacKenzie

•Zimaz - 42ft Custom Sloop                             Hubbards Sailing Club, Hubbards, N.S.      Iain Tulloch  

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