Monday, 14 April 2014

Municipality Overjoyed with the Federal officials announce funding for Richmond Co. Tourism Strategy

Richmond County officials was overjoyed with the official announcement this morning from the Federal Government and Provincial Government ministers, as they join forces with the municipality to move forward with the $6.7 Million tourism strategy project. Here is what was reported on 101.5 the Hawk.
Federal officials were in St. Peter's to announce more than $2.2-million in funding for the two-phase project Monday; municipal officials will kick in $2.2-million, while provincial officials will make an initial investment of $100,000.
After the announcement, Warden Steve Sampson (pictured right) said the project will advance Richmond Co. in a way they haven't seen in a while.
"We've talked tourism and the tourism industry for so long," he said. "It was at a point where we felt either we're in it or we're moving on."
Sampson said the strategy will focus on strengthening their tourism potential by developing various sites throughout the county.
He said he's not surprised by the level of community support shown for the project.
The tourism minister and MLA for Cape Breton-Richmond says he felt joy and pride after seeing the business plan for the strategy.
Michel Samson (pictured left) said it was great to see municipal officials do all of the work.
"The reaction in my department, and I'm sure it was the same in the federal department, was we're not used to this," he said. "We're not used to seeing a municipality coming forward willing to put that much money into a project."
Samson said his government's initial commitment is $100,000, but they will be an equal partner in the $6.7-million project.
The strategy, which will focus on strengthening the county's tourism potential by developing various sites throughout the county, has already identified the county's potential to offer various coastal experiences to visitors.
Samson said he's impressed with the strategy's plan to build upon natural resources already in the area.
"When you look at the coves that exist, you look at the Bras d'Or Lakes, you look at the St. Peter's Canal, a lot of the infrastructure is already in place," he said. "It's a matter of building upon the natural resources that we have and not trying to make something that's not already here.
Samson said the fact municipal officials contributed such a large amount of the cost shows they're serious about the project.

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