Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The face of the Historic Village of St. Peter's Continues to Change, St. Peter's Canal Bridge Schedule to Open This Week.

The face of St. Peter's continues to change and although the old St. Peter's bridge has been in our history for a long time, it is time to move on. I read this item this afternoon, and so I am passing it along.
St. Peters Canal Bridge - swinging into summer!
As of June 15, the new St. Peters Canal Swing Bridge will be operational to all sail boats and cars. The grand opening will be later this year once the landscaping and Mi'kmaq interpretative and commemorative panels are installed.

I for one will not miss the long waits for traffic line ups, just do to the heavy traffic passing through our busy little Village, over our one lane bridge. Now with the two lanes, we will only have waits when ships are coming through the canal,

and then it is nice to sit and watch the boats sail through. Progress is good at times. just thinking out loud!

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