Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Come Experience 18th Century Cuisine at Savour Louisbourg: Autumn 2011

I have just received some new information on Savour Louisbourg: Autumn 2011 at the Fortress of Louisbourg, from Kristy Martell of the Fortress, and I want to pass it along. What a great experience, it should be a great time.

Savour Louisbourg: Autumn 2011.
The Fortress of Louisbourg proudly presents a delicious way to experience Canadian History - 18th Century Culinary Workshops! These fascinating and fun programs combine the one of a kind historical experience at the Fortress of Louisbourg with the opportunity to learn first hand the secrets of 18th century cuisine as it was prepared at the majestic French Fortress. The doors of the Engineer's kitchen will be opened to participants eager to practice the art of French cooking using both modern and open hearth kitchens.
Your guide through the delicious 18th century world of French Canadian cuisine is Chef Chantal Vechambre. Chef Vechambre specializes in the intricacies of preparing and serving a selection of French cuisine from the 18th century as she connects the meal to Louisbourg's people and their past. Each half day workshop provides recipes, history, stories about life in Louisbourg and a meal at the conclusion to taste and compare your results. As a souvenir, each participant will take home recipes tested during the workshops. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the art of 18th century French cooking within the walls of the Fortress of Loisbourg. Space is limited so don't hesitate to register by phoning 1-902-733-3552 or emailing louisbourginfo@pc.gc.ca.

Chef Chantal Vechambre
Originally from Paris, Chantal Vechambre is a chef certified in cuisine and pastry, chocolate and confectionery. In 2005, she moved to Moncton, New Brunswick where she began her own business as a consultant with the fine restaurants of the region, while offering courses in French cuisine and pastry for adults and youth alike. Recently, Chantal opened a chocolaterie at the Moncton Casino.
Currently Chantal dedicates much of her time to writing. She is preparing several literary works which include such topics as her culinary experiences in Canada, desserts, and her family recipes from France. The recipes that will be tested in the workshops at Louisbourg are in the process of being edited for a collective work soon to be published.
Her research in culinary history led her to collaborate with the team at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. Her suggested recipes link the available ingredients of the colonial time with cooking knowledge of this period, some of which is based on works written by famous 17th and 18th century chefs. She has provided much insight in reviewing the menus of the historic on-site restaurants and is very excited to lead the 18th century culinary workshops.

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