Friday, 9 September 2011

View of Richmond

The 8th Annual Surf Classic took place the end of August and although it was foggy on the water the surfers took no notice as they rushed out into the surf and rode the waves back into shore. There were over 40 competitors and a lot of spectators on hand to cheer them on. Not only did the surfers take to the water, but some of the youngsters made their way into the water and had a great time playing in the surf and sand under the close supervision of the lifeguard station. At this time I am still waiting for a full list of the winners from the event but they will be available on the surf website shortly. To check that out go to I am able to announce after a conversation with Michelle Richards that Kayak Cape Breton operator Eberhart Witt retained his title in the Kayak division of the competition. Michelle, who has been in charge of the competition since its creation and who is also the surf instructor at Point Michaud for the last 9 seasons, did a tremendous job in keeping all the events running on schedule. As well Charlene Marshall, Tourism Coordinator for the Municipality of Richmond, did a great job organizing the Surf Classic Expo’s events held throughout St. Peter’s. Great work ladies on a job well done. With the hard work from all those involved in the operation of the Surf Lessons that run throughout the summer and with the Surf Classic, the surf industry will continue to conquer waves in the years to come.
The Ultimate Picnic took place on Tuesday, August 30th to a sold out crowd with over 150 tickets being sold. And what a picnic it was. The St. Peter’s Canal National Historic Site was transformed into a mystical Shangri-La where lights twinkled on the waters of the canal as the boats took on a translucent glow, as guests dined on dishes created by world class chef Zavier Jarvas Guirary, with the assistance by local Chef Dillon Carter of St. Peter’s MacDonald Country Inn, using local ingredients fit for Peruvian nobility, all the while the band played on. What an experience for St. Peter’s! Pearlene Mofford and her crew of hard workers. They can definitely take a bow for this exceptional food adventure, that brought food and culture together on the shores of St. Peter’s.

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