Friday, 23 September 2011

View of Richmond

Now that Cape Breton’s festivals are starting to wind down, we turn our anticipation towards the Celtic Colours Music Festival. The schedules are out and the ticket sales seem to be going quite well, with some venues selling out almost immediately. But that does not mean that you are too late to purchase your tickets, there are still lots of venues with tickets available. Here in the Richmond County area, we are fortunate this year to have four venues and other venues within driving distance, for those who want to take in the after hours Kitchen Racket Jam Session at the Bras d’Or Lakes Inn in St. Peter's, which runs throughout the Celtic Colours week.

The opening concert “Distant Sons and Daughters” at 7:30pm on October 7th takes place in Port Hawkesbury with an excellent line up. This event will be preceded by Supper at the Causeway at the Port Hastings Fire Hall from 4:30-6:30pm, as part of the Celtic Colours Community Meals series. On October 10th the Celtic Colours concert “Bayou to D’Escousse: D’Escousse fais do do”, will take place at the D’Escousse Civic Improvement Hall starting at 7:30pm. The concert will be preceded by a Roast Turkey Dinner at the Notre Dame de L’Assomption Parish Hall in Arichat from 4 to 6:30pm. On October 11th the Celtic Colours concert “A Touch of the Irish” will take place at the Riverdale Community Center in Lower River Inhabitants. The concert will be preceded by Sounds and Supper by the Sea held at Lobsters R Us in Lower L’Ardoise from 1 to 5pm. This event will offer a Ceilidh from 1-3 and Lobster Supper from 3-5pm. Local fishers, musicians, and artisans will be on hand to help create an unforgettable experience by the sea for our visitors. On October 12th, St. Peter’s will host the Celtic Colours concert “Ceilidh on the Canal” starting at 7:30pm. This event will be preceded by a delicious Fishcakes and Beans Supper at the St. George’s Channel Hall starting at 4pm. On October 14th, I am happy to announce a Celtic Colours Concert in L’Ardoise for the first time; “A Full Slate” starting at 7:30pm. With the array of talent on their program it will definitely not be their last. This event will be proceeded by a Kitchen Party starting at 2:30pm and Chowder Supper starting at 4pm, at the Tara Lynn Community Centre in River Bourgeois.

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