Friday, 9 December 2011

News from Commodore Greg of The Wallace MacAskill YC, St. Peter's, Cape Breton

I have just received some exciting news from Greg Silvers of The Wallace MacAskill Yacht Club, about an opportunity that may interest those of you who enjoy sailing and I want to pass it along.

Hello again all members and friends

Further to my messages in the past week or so about establishing an Yngling fleet in our area (St Peters, Isle Madame, Dundee, etc.) I wanted to let you know that I have received some early interest from a few people.

Regarding the idea that families could partner to co-own one of these fine little racing boats, Jeremy Hillyard has indicated he is interested in a half share - so if anyone else is so inclined, please let me or him know (

I also have an expression of interest from one other sailor for a boat for his family, plus I am looking to purchase another one myself. So there's a potential of 3 already. There is a fleet of 8 boats available, on trailers, in Maine (pending further details and inspection, these are reportedly in very good condition except for sails).

Once again, to summarize the whole idea here:
- low cost, recently retired Olympic class keelboats are exciting to sail in fleet or match racing.

- it looks like a boat on trailer, in good condition, will cost in range of $3k. Sails may need to be replaced. The boats have to be hauled back from Maine. I have a quote in the works for fleet pricing on 'economy RB Stevens' class legal sail (main and jib)

- such a fleet would be a good step toward creating more actiitvity and more interest in sailing in our area. For example, we could get a weekly club race on a weekday evening going all summer - we could include the Y class in our own regattas, we could visit other local regattas and bring our class to their events....

- these boats are ideal for kids, and for seniors: very safe, positive flotation, exceptionally fast and stable, dry in 'friendly racing' conditions. Can be easily sailed solo (whitesail), or with crew of 1 or 2 more.

- very inexpensive to maintain (20.5' loa, on trailers, masts stepped by hand, etc.)

Gerry Gibson has confirmed we could easily set up a mooring field for a fleet of these boats at the Lions Marina.
So, I am keen to hear from any of you who have any interest!

We are looking to have a winter get-together, tentatively Jan 26 in St Peters, more info to come on that, and it may be a good time to see if this idea for a new racing fleet has any legs.

Happy holiday to you all,

Commodore Greg
Wallace MacAskill YC, St. Peter's, Cape Breton

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