Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tourism Operator Expands Operations in Richmond County

Working in tourism, one of the aspects of the work that I enjoy most is meeting operators that feel deeply about the industry and want to see it prosper and grow. Richmond is very fortunate to have operators that work very hard in making this happen. One such operator is Beate Haffold, owner/operator of the MacDonald Country Inn and Canal House B&B in St. Peter's. Ms. Haffold feels deeply that the industry in Richmond County and Cape Breton Island will continue to grow to such an extent that she continues to expand her tourism holdings in the county. Ms Haffold first opened the doors of the 5 room B&B in 2004, quickly gaining a strong clientele with the 4-Star rated accommodation and in 2009, Haffold and her partner purchased the MacDonald Hotel and remodeled the 1906 era accomodation and turned it into the modern up-to date 4-Star rated MacDonald Country Inn, offering guests 5 comfortable units with private baths, as well as 3 suites. The Inn, which runs year round, also has a full service restaurant, which operates daily during the tourism season and during the off season for private gatherings of 6 or more. In 2010 the partnership separated, dividing the properties with Ms Haffold taking over sold ownership of the Inn. She then expanded the business with the start of West Wind Cottage Rentals, which handles a year round rental service for cottages around the area. On November 1st, 2011, Ms Haffold again took control of the Canal House B&B through a purchasing agreement with her former partner, and runs the B&B from April to the first week of November.
Haffold feels strongly that there is a need in the area for up to date well ran accommodations which offer visitors the types of accommodations that best meet their needs; and with the diversity of her properties she can now meet these needs. Ms Haffold employs a staff of 8 very dedicated workers, including Chef Dillon Carter, who was part of this summer’s Right Some Good Food Event. Staff members work very closely with Ms Haffold to make sure that guests have an experience that will have them making return visits to the area. One new experience Ms Haffold plans to offer in 2012 is an OctoberFest, held prior Celtic Colours Event, offering entertainment, a dance and traditional German dishes. She hopes this will turn into an annual event for the area.

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