Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cape Breton Captures Interest At Saltscapes

I'm back from Saltscapes Travel Expo in Halifax, where Gary and I were part of the Destination Cape Breton Association team promoting this beautiful island of ours. Although visitors to the Expo on Friday were a little slower of the mark than we hoped, Saturday was business as usual. We passed out Destination Cape Breton's new Experience and Package Guide and answered questions about facets of the island. Many of the visitors with whom Gary and I spoke were planning on visiting the island this summer. Although our presence at Saltscapes was cut back in scale from the last few years, the message we relayed to the crowd was as strong as ever. Cape Breton Island is the #1 island destination to visit in North America and #3 island destination in the world and we invite you to come and see why. It was so nice to have former Cape Breton residents and those with family ties to the island stop by at the Cape Breton booths to say hi and to applaud the work that our tourism association is doing on keeping Cape Breton Island on the main stage of tourism world. It goes to reconfirm the saying once a Cape Bretoner always a Cape Bretoner. I must thank St. Peter's Foodland bakery for the donation of oat cakes for the show, again the oat cakes were a hit, with some baking enthusiasts asking me questions such as what type of oats do they use for the cookies and where can we get them or the recipe. Gary and I were not the only representatives from the St. Peter's area, Captain Greg Silvers was part of our team answering questions about sailing and to give out information on the new and exciting Music Camp On The Canal which will be taking place in St. Peter's on June 1,2 and 3rd. The Saltscapes Travel Expo remains one of my favorite shows to attend, I am always amazed to see the variety of presenters who come to the show. What a great opportunity for crafters to present their product, definitely something for everyone's interest. The Destination Cape Breton Association team remained on hand on Sunday to continue the promotion of the island, but Gary and I had to return home to attend the Highland Dance Competition in Port Hawkesbury on Sunday where our granddaughter was competing. I am very proud to announce that she was among the winners at the competition. Whether or not you were able to attend the travel show in Halifax, I would like to extend an invitation to you all to come and visit our beautiful Cape Breton Island. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, golfing, boating, kayaking or surfing, beaches or mountains, celtic music or square dancing, dining on lobster or gourmet dining or just basking in some of the most glorious scenery in the world, come and stay a while on our Cape Breton Island.

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