Friday, 4 May 2012

Live theatre in Mabou Tonight

The River Hill Players Production of Idyll Gossip by playwright Carol Sinclair will take place tonight and tomorrow at Strathspey Place in Mabou. The show will be directed by Tom Ryan and the cast will include April MacDonald, Bertha MacLean, Chlory MacLean, Cindy O’Neill and Nancy Hilton, with musicians Keegan Campbell and Mike Murdock. The productions relays the dillema of five women and their undertakings, as to: What do a fisherman’s wife, substitute teacher, shopkeeper, fish plant worker and an old lady have in common? Except the fact that they are all women and living in rural Nova Scotia with nothing and nothing to lose? “Nothing! ”Husbands, children, egos and occupations are tossed in the wind when they decide to form a band and take it on the road. Join in the laughter, fun and total chaos when the band goes electric. Showtime for the production is 7:30pm and tickets are $15.00 (no discounts) and the event will have assigned seating.

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