Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tourism in Richmond County

A Quirky Look @ Richmond County took place at the East Richmond Education Centre on May 3rd to a full house. Hank Middleton’s rendition of what Richmond County looked like through the years was a hit. With students and staff of the education centre taking part in the skits and musical numbers it was truly an enjoyable event. Pauline Seymour’s portrayal of Morrison’s Store’s Greeter, Mary Morrison had the audience in fits of laughter. Gaye Middleton’s rendition of Ode to the Island accompanied by Kari Lynn Middleton and Pauline Seymour was amazing. Students of EREC did a delightful performance of “Elvis Lives In Sampsonville” with Elvis actually making an appearance for the performance to the enjoyment of students and the audience alike. At the start of the production Hank Middleton spoke on the importance of the music and arts program for children in the school and that it is important for parents to fight to keep these programs in place. Also during the program Hank Middleton introduced Greg Silvers chairperson for the Music Camp on the Canal who announced the winner of the 1st Music Camp Music Bursary which was ECRC student Nicholas Burke. The funding for the 1st bursary was provided by The Roddy MacKenzie Square Dance Society and the selection of the student was made by the music teaching staff at the EREC. The bursary recognizes a well known square dance caller from the St. Peter’s area, Roddie MacKenzie, who was highly respected for his enthusiasm and commitment to ‘getting the steps straight’, and for his strict 4-couple, 4-figure patterns. Richmond County is adding a new feature for tourism’s Spring shoulder season, promoting music to our upcoming entertainers. The first ever Music on the Canal Camp will take place on the weekend of June 1, 2, and 3rd. Registrations are being taking for the camp, which will include a full weekend of workshops in guitar with JP Cormier, song writing with Hank Middleton, mandolin with Darren MacMullen, fiddle with Anthony Rissesco , tin whistle with Paul Davis, and banjo with Roger Stone. Luthier Johannes Sturm will be on hand to help players with their stringed instrument adjustments and minor repairs. There will also be a square dancing workshop, along with jam sessions, a concert and some great food. Music, especially traditional Celtic music which Cape Breton Island is known for, is a much sought after element by tourists to the area. It is nice to see our entertainers taking an active part in keeping the tradition alive. This will certainly have not only entertainment benefits, but economic benefits in the future. Until next week, I hope you have fun exploring Richmond.

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