Thursday, 30 August 2012

Results Are In For The 9th Annual Point Michaud Surf Classic

Michelle just sent me the Results of the 2012 "9th Annual Point Michaud Surf Classic", and I would like to extend my congratulations to all the winners and our appreciation to all those to donated prizes for the events to support the Classic this year.
9th annual Point Michaud Surf Classic Results 2012

by Michelle Richards on Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 2:13pm ·

9th annual Point Michaud Surf Classic Results 2012

Surfboard Divisions:

Open 1st Chris Smith, 2nd Colin Colson, 3rd Craig Colson, 4th Sam Julien, 5th Bob Thorn, 6th tie Delany Manegre and Phillip Gagnon

Kids 1st Kenzie McDuff, 2nd Julien Gagnon, 3rd Christian Saper, 4th Grant Mengre, 5th Victoria O’brien, 6th Teddy Peters

Jr Boys (age 11-13) 1st Sam Julien, 2nd Noah Anderson, 3rd Joseph Peters, 4th Daniel King or Peters, 5th Riley St.Peters, 6th Eli Anderson

Jr Boys (age 14-16) 1st Colin Colson, 2nd Jamie Smith, 3rd Derrek Garson, 4th Noah Shields, 5th Brandon Ramons, 6th Dustin Martell

Jr Boys (age 17-19) 1st Tristan Martell, 2nd Dylan Abbot, 3rd Craig Colson, 4th Morgan Dunn, 5th Guifre Bantses

Jr Girls (age 11-13) 1st Emily O’brien, 2nd Delany Mengre, 3rd Cameron McDuff, 4th Kya Saper

Jr Girls (age 14-19) 1st Sylvie Julien, 2nd Chelsea Peters, 3rd Julie Smith, 4th Josie Hartlin, 5th Meagan MacLean

Men (20’s) 1st Scott Besaw, 2nd Justin Cashin

Men (30’s) 1st Ritchie MacDonald

Men (40’s) 1st Chris Smith, 2nd Joel Fortune, 3rd Darrel Peters

Men (50’s) 1st Bob Thorne, 2nd Brian McMahn, 3rd Rod Bantses, 4th Doug Colson

Master Men 1st Gerrard Taylor, 2nd George Grinnell

Women (20’s) 1st Bridget Turner, 2nd Terrilyn Boudreau

Women (30’s) 1st Michelle Richards, 2nd Natasha MacDonald, 3rd Ruth Shorten, 4th Jackie Beaton

Women (40’s) 1st Nancy Taylor, 2nd Patty Thorne

Master Women 1st Frances Taylor

Short Board 1st Colin Colson, Morgan Dunn, 3rd Dylan Abbot, 4th Tristan Martel, 5th Jamie Smith, 6th Terrilyn Boudreau

Long Board 1st Michelle Richards, 2nd Jamie Smith, 3rd Jamie Smith, 4th Craig Colson, 5th Chris Smith, 6th Glen McDuff

Finless 1st Dan M Sackville, 2nd Craig Colson, 3rd Julie Smith, 4th Glen McDuff, 5th Derek Garson, 6th Brandon Ramons

Stand Up Paddle 1st Chris Smith, 2nd Glen McDuff, 3rd Taylor Adamick, 4th Sam Julien, 5th Eberhart Witt

Tandem 1st Luke Shiels and Colin Colson, 2nd Glen and Cameron McDuff, 3rd Delanie Manegre and Riley St.Peters, 4th Sylvie Julien and Bridget Turner, 5th Justin Cashin and Terrilyn Boudreau, 6th Craig Colson and Noah Shields

Surf Team Relay 1st Backyards, 2nd Green Bastards, 3rd Mumplesoraus Rex, 4th Lifeguard Gangsters, 5th Dusty Wizards, 6th White Water Beauties

Other Surf Related Divisions:

Body Board 1st Christian Saper, 2nd Cameron McDuff, 3rd Derek Garson, 4th Brandon Ramons, 5th Victoria O’brien, 6th Delanie Manegre

Skim Board 1st Luke Shiels, 2nd Brandon Ramons, 3rd Glen Mc Duff, 4th Sam Julien, 5th Dan M Sackville, 6th tie Julie Smith and Josie Hartlin

Kayak Surf 1st Eberhart Witt, 2nd Gary Mercer, 3rd Tristan Martell, 4th Rod Bantses, 5th Sam Julien, 6th Brian McMahn

Body Surf Expression Session Team 1st Green Bastards, 2nd Mumplesaurus Rex, 3rd Backyards, 4th Dusty Wizards, 5th White Water Beauties, 6th Blue Toe

Award for best decorated business in St.Peters with a beach theme

1st Lynn’s Flowers and Gifts
2nd Cathy’s Consignment
3rd St. Peter’s Visitor Information Center
4th St. Peter’s Home Hardware
5th MacBouch
6th Foodland

Award for the residence that took part in the Surf Up In Richmond went to Joanne MacIntosh of St. Peter's

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