Friday, 7 September 2012

Michelle takes home the title from Martinque Beach

Michelle Richards wins the Women's Division

Pictures of the 2012 winners at the Why Can't We All Get A Longboard Contest

I am very happy to announce that Richmond County Surfer Michelle Richards finished first in the Women's division of Why Can't We All Get A Longboard Contest at the Martinque Beach on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. The event was hosted by Quiksilver,Roxy and SANS.

Just received this information from Michelle Richards from Surf Point Michaud with an update on the final results as posted on September 3 by Reedster.

Conditions were ideal for 2012 “Why can’t we all get a longboard” Contest which took place at Martinique Beach, Nova Scotia on Saturday.
With the sun shining and wind blowing offshore, waist-high waves were coming in clean all day. About the only thing that kept the day from being perfect was the water temperature, which had dropped to frigid temps courtesy of the north winds.
Contest winners:
Men’s Division: 1. Chris Makibbin 2. Brian Villeneuve 3. Justin Huston
Women’s Division: 1. Michelle Richards 2. Jill Manos 3. Shannon MacPhail
Boys: 1. Colin Colson 2. Craig Colson 3. Jamie Smith
Girls: 1. Sylvie Julien 2. Julie Smith 3. Josie Julien

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