Thursday, 9 June 2011

Beggar's Banquet a Season Hit for Visitors

Destination Cape Breton VIC Staff

St. Peter's VIC Staff Member


If you are travelling to Cape Breton this summer and planning on visiting the Fortress of Louisbourg, I may just have an additional experience for you to take in. Last week, our group of tourism counsellors had our training session at the Fortress, and in the evening we were treated to delightful experience at the Point of View Suites. It was the Beggar's Banquet, an 18th century dinning experience. We all dressed in period costume, which was a hoot. The costume was easy to put on right over our casual clothing; very comfortable to wear and they come in all sizes. This is great for the visitor as it gives lots of photo opportunities to bring back memories of their time in Louisbourg. The food was excellent and they had 18th century entertainment which was very enjoyable. Sabine, the head Wench, was in rare form as she regailrd us with tales of the past, as well as taking a spin around the dance floor with some of the gentlemen. During the month of June and from mid-September to October the event will be held in the main dining room, and from July to mid-September the Beggar's Banquet will be held in the large tent at the Point of View. Both these venues are designed to give you the 18th century tavern experience. This amazing evening, which runs from 5pm until 8pm, is great for groups or families and truly adds to your Fortress experience. A reservation is required and must be made by 3pm, guests are asked to arrive by 5pm to be given their costume and do a little socializing before the meal begins at 6pm. All in all this is definitely an experience visitors will not want to miss out on. It is lots of fun for a cost of $39.95 plus tax per person, and the menu includes pea soup or seafood chowder, salad, generous portions of chicken, crab, lobster or meat pie, served with potato salad and coleslaw. The value is excellent, the service is superb and the food and entertainment can't be beat.

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