Saturday, 18 June 2011

View Of Richmond

During the evening of June 13th, an Open House was held at the Visitor Information Centre in St. Peter’s. A gathering of business and accommodation owners as well as artisans turned out to see what was being planned for tourism this season. Approximately 30 representatives of the industry showed a great deal of interest as they listened to Destination Cape Breton Association’s Marketing Director Dan Coffin, as he updated them on the plans DCBA has taken with regards to the lure pieces to promote the island. They also watched a new marketing video, highlighting Cape Breton’s beauty and attractions. This new marketing piece will be played for visitors coming into Cape Breton VICs this summer, showing the magnificent adventures that await them at every turn of the road on this beautiful island. Three VICs around the island have been equipped with flat screens to be able to display this new marketing tool. Guests at the open house were also given a demonstration of how the DCBA Computer Event Calendar works to inform visitors and businesses alike as to the events happening all around the island. This feature was added to the centres last season and seemed to work very well at giving the most updated information on festivals and events taking place. More of the festival organizers and community groups are taking advantage of this advertising tool to promote their events to a much broader market, which is provided free of charge. The open house also gave members of the industry a chance to mingle and do some networking. Jeannette Arsenault owner of Richmond’s newest gift shop “Forget Me Not Gift Shop” located at 4155 West Bay Highway just minutes away from the Dundee Resort and Golf Club, had a chance to meet with fellow shop owners and to drop off brochures at the VIC. This exciting new gift shop offers 90% of its items made by local crafters.
On the entertainment scene, there is lots happening on June 18th. The Bras d’Or Lakes Inn will be hosting a Wine and Food Pairing with wine from Bishop’s Cellar, starting at 7pm. Reservations are required, for more information call 1-902-535-2200. There will also be a Rhubarb Dessert and Art Show held at the Grand River Fire Hall from 2pm until 4pm. And Friends of Leona Pink Positive Team will be holding a BBQ at the Green House Coop in St. Peter’s from 11am until 1pm.

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