Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tourism in Richmond County

The St. Peter's Visitor Information Centre is scheduled to open June 12th. Centre staff are looking forward to welcoming visitors to the area this summer. Hours of operation for the VIC will be from 8:30am until 6:30pm seven days a week. Again this summer the Visitor Information Centres operated by Destination Cape Breton will be equipped with a computer events calendar that will give the staff first hand information of events happening around the entire island. Community groups and event organizers are encouraged to send your happenings to the centre in your area and staff will make sure that these events are listed. Visitors coming into VICs will be able to obtain event agendas for the areas they will be travelling to, they will be able obtain a schedule for one day or several days, whichever suits their travel needs. With this new tool, tourists will now be aware of functions that just may have them extend their vacation plans for a longer time than they had first planned. This summer Destination Cape Breton's Visitor Centres will be having an open house which will invite operators and business representatives to come and see just how the Visitor Centres can be of help to the operators, a member of Parks Canada as well as Destination Cape Breton Association will also be on hand to fill everyone in on what is happening with them this summer. The date for the St. Peter's Visitors Centre's Open House will be June 13th, at 7pm. All Accommodation operators and business operators including members from service stations, restaurants, stores and pharmacys marinas and yacht clubs etc. are cordinually invited to attend. All these sectors of industry are ambassadors to tourism, as they may be the first contact that visitors have with an area. The information they receive from the from line staff of these operations can influence a visitor more than one thinks, sometimes keeping them in an area longer.

If you have not voted in the Pespi Refresh Everything contest there is still time. SANS, The Surfing Association of Nova Scotia, has entered a 2 part plan to be considered for the $25,000 prize and this may very well be of importance to our area, since Point Michaud has become a top location in the surfing industry in Nova Scotia. If SANS should win, the prize money would be divided as follows: $10,000 for ramps, stairs and boardwalks, $10,000 for specialized surfboards, wetsuits, beach wheel chair and mats and $5,000 for a staff member. Voters can vote once a day from May 1st to June 30th. There are still 25 days left to vote, so each person who votes once a day could add 25 votes for this worthy cause. Your votes are important so lets help make this happen for our surfing destination.
Local Events: There will be a Sunday Brunch (all home cooked dishes) held at the Tara Lynne Community Centre in River Bourgeois on June 12th, from 10:30am until 1pm.
On June 12 there will be a Hungry Man's Breakfast held at the D'Escousse Hall from 8am until 11am.
There will also be a Merchandise Bingo held at the Riverdale Community Centre in Lower River starting at 2pm.
June 19th there will be a Variety Concert held at the Lakeside Community Centre in Sampsonville starting at 7:30pm.

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