Saturday, 11 February 2012

Tourism in Richmond County

Tourism in Richmond County
Ann Marie Yorke

February is here, and this year we will be celebrating with an extra
day in the month. It is a leap year, which could be good or bad
depending on how you look at it. Traditionally February, although
shorter than other winter months, could be one of the coldest months
of winter. Lots of people watched on February 2nd to see if the
groundhog would see its shadow, and apparently we are in for an early
Spring. I am not sure how accurate the groundhog's prediction is, but
here in Cape Breton, I can tell you from years of looking forward to
an early Spring, that we probably will have quite a few winter days
ahead. For those who enjoy the cool crisp days of winter and the
opportunity to get out and do some snowshoeing, cross country skiing
or just out taking a hike, they should still have plenty of time to
partake in these activities. For those who don't enjoy vigorous
outdoor activities, but like to take in some of the community events,
Richmond has just what the doctor ordered. Richmond County's Winter
Festival will be hosting some great outdoor events.
On February 8th, come to Centre La Picasse for a free afternoon of
games for children under 12 years of age from 6 to 7:30pm, there will
be prizes awarded. Starting at 12pm on February 9th, there will be a
Pot Luck Luncheon held at the Riverdale Community Center in Lower
River. On February 11 there will be a Valentine Kitchen Party held at
the Framboise Community Centre from 9pm until 12 midnight. This event
is for 19 years of age and over and admission is by donation. On
February 12th, there will be a Merchandise Bingo starting at 2pm, held
at the Riverdale Community Centre in Lower River. Also on February 12
there will be a Brunch held at the Tara Lynne Community Centre in
River Bourgeois from 10:30am until 1pm. There will also be a
Hungryman’s Breakfast from 8am until 11am, held at the D’Escousse Hall
Until next week, enjoy the good times in Richmond County

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