Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Wayne McKay Highlights The Kids Surf Club Program at Point Michaud Beach

              Michelle Richards and her Kids Surf Club students

It is great to see that the surf program in Point Michaud Beach is really starting to be noticed by our local media. Monday July 30th Wayne McKay had his column on "Surfing another way to get children moving" in the Cape Breton Post. As McKay relates in his column it is great to see the excitement shown by the children as they head out to ride in the waves. I to was at the beach that morning and it was amazing to see the younger students riding in on the board with Michelle and as they stood to ride in the surf, the smiles on their face were priceless. They were actually skipping back out into the water to hop on the boards and paddle out to catch the next wave.The Surf program is also a excellent way for the children to learn as McKay states in his column "Kids Surf Club teaches kids oceand  and wave conditions, water safety, surf etiquette, equipment familiarity, how to paddle out into surf and catch and ride surf." It's true, hey learn so much from Michelle and her team of instructors as well as from the life guards who instruct the kids about water safety. I can't think of a better program to enroll the kids in during the summer, they get great instructions, lots of exercise and fresh sea air and best of all they have lots of fun.

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