Thursday, 26 July 2012

Picture Perfect Day For Surfing At Point Michaud

Today was a picture perfect day for surfing at Point Michaud Beach in Richmond County. It was great to see a number of visitors to the beach from moms and dads with their kiddies playing in the sand, to the Kids Surf Club out with their boards riding in on the waves. Michelle Richards and her team of surf instructors are doing a great job with the kids, teaching them the proper procedures in the art of surfing. The lifegaurds at Point Michaud Beach are exceptional, the children from the surf program are not only getting to learn the proper way to surf and a respect for the water but they are also receiving instruction in junior lifeguard procedure. Hats off to Michelle and the Richmond County Department of Recreation for offering young people the opportunity to have this great outdoor experience, definitely an experience and training that they will remember and use throughout their lives.

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