Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Heather's Ride For Home Cycle Tour Stops In St. Peter's

Heather stopped in at The St. Peter's Visitor Information Center on her cycling trip from Newfoundland to North Bay for "Ride For Home" to support building homes for low income families. Heather enjoyed some of the sights and took some pictures which she shared with us.She also took in a family square dance while in the village. Good for you Heather!
She is a very nice young lady, so watch for her as she comes through your area, and make her feel welcome.

The St. Peter's Canal

                                          The Wallace MacAskill House Museum

Hi visitor centre!
I wrote a bit about my afternoon in St. Peters in my blog www.rideforhome.wordpress.com but I would like to add that the photo museum was really interesting and the coast trail was easy to enjoy considering the trail was very well maintained and sign posted.
Yesterday evening I went to the square dance despite having zero dance experience. Everyone was incredibly hospitable and taught me the steps right off the bat!
Attached are a few photos that I didn't put on the blog.
Thanks again for your help!

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