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Count Down Is On- The Right Some Good Food Adventure Comes Cheticamp August 23rd.

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Cheers to beers!

Less than a week until we get the Right Some Good party started in Cheticamp on Aug. 23, the countdown is officially on!

Attention all beer lovers! Our beer expert has completed the menu pairing with beers that she believes will best represent the beer and food, take a look below to see what beer will be paired at our dinners:

Friday, August 23 – Cheticamp

1st Course: Wandering Shephard Cheese – honey, truffle, water biscuit shards
Alexander Keith's Dark - Hints of chocolate and caramel notes will compliment the nutty finish of the Lauchie Tomme cheese.

2nd Course: Louisbourg Seafood scallop seared, tortellini
Stella Artois - The mild malts and light hops with allow the richness of the dish to be accentuated.

3rd Course: The Pork Shop slow cooked glazed pork belly
Alexander Keith's Cascade IPA The natural oils from the hops cut through the fattiness of the pork belly and allows the full flavour of the pork to really come through.

4th Course: Galloping Cow’s Mango Puree, shortbread, chocolate
Shock Top - A contrasting pairing, where the underlying sweetness from the beer goes well with the spices and sweetness of the dish.

Sat, Aug. 24 – Inverness County Centre for the Arts 

1st Course: Local field fresh tomatoes, Wandering Shepherd sheep curds
Alexander Keith's Hallertaruer IPA -The bold spices in the dish will pair nicely with the spice notes of the IPA that are derived from the hops.

2nd Course: Hot smoked duck, local summer turnips, NS apple, sage and hazelnuts
Alexander Keith's Dark -The smoked duck and hazelnut flavors pair extremely well with the maltiness of the beer.

3rd Course: Louisbourg Seafood Halibut, beetroot, smoked eel beignet, locally cured bacon
Alexander Keith's Red -Beer is light enough on the finish to allow the halibut to not be overpowered.

4th Course: Cape Breton Cherry mousse, strawberry consommé, meringues and basil
Michelob Ultra -The beer is very light and is not bitter, it will not take away from the sweetness of the strawberries and mousse. General rule of thumb is to never have your beer sweeter than your dessert.

Sun, Aug. 25 – Baddeck 

1st Course: Dutchman Farms Smoked Gouda, heirloom tomatoes, nasturtium and arugula
Alexander Keith's Hallertaurer IPA - A less bitter of an IPA, it will contrast nicely with the fattiness of the ham and cheese.

2nd Course: Louisbourg Seafood Snow Crab, sweet corn ravioli, chantrelles, sunchokes
Shock Top - Compliments the snow crab nicely as it is relatively sweet, without overpowering the flavour.

3rd Course: Spit Roasted Lamb from Rock Loaf Farm, lavender pepper rub, apples, turnip, minted lamb jus
Stella Artois -It is bold enough of a lager to compete with the lamb, however it will not reduce and sweetness of the dish from the apples and mint.

4th Course: Cracker Jack, maple sticky toffee pudding
Alexander Keith's Dark - The nuttiness from the beer malts will compliment the maple toffee and peanut brittle.

Tues, Aug. 27 -St. Peters Marina 

1st Course: Gazpacho of Heirloom tomatoes
Stella Artois - Strong enough of a hop to work with the feta cheese, but light enough to allow the contrasting flavours of the peppers and strawberries.

2nd Course: Louisbourg Seafood lobster ceviche, apples, chili and tarragon, mango
Michelob Ultra - You want to pair this dish with the lightest tasting beer possible, to allow the richness of the lobster flavour to shine through.

3rd Course: Veal belli blanquette from Blois Family Farm, mushrooms, onion pilau rice with lime zest, roasted almond flake.
Alexander Keith's Cascade IPA - The natural hops from the beer with contrast with the veal fattiness and cut through the fat to allow the other flavours in the dish to have a presence. 

4th Course: HASKAP marmalade with goat greek yogurt and vanilla crumble
Shock Top - The orange hints from the beer will compliment the marmalade beautifully, while being less sweet than the dessert itself.

Thurs., Aug. 29 – Keltic Lodge 

1st Course: Snow crab cake, tart apples with espuma, avocado vinaigrette
Michelob Ultra - This light beer allows the richness of the crab flavour to shine through and aligns nicely with the more subtle flavours in the dish.

2nd Course: Louisbourg Seafood’s Atlantic Cold Water Shrimp & Lobster Bouillabaisse
Stella Artois - Stella is very balanced, it will not overpower the dish and the slight hop finish will cleanse the palate for the next course.

3th Course: NS Fergu-licious Beef Tenderloin, Winter Winery honey reduction, ceps wild mushrooms, new potatoes.
Alexander Keith's Cascade IPA - The bold hops from the beer will cut through any excess fat from the beef while cleansing the palate for the dessert course.

4th Course: Bread Perdie, Cornect Family Farm honey, seasonal red fruit
Shock Top - Wheat beer makes an excellent pairing with almost any kind of fruit, and red fruit is no exception. The citrus and fruit tones of the beer will compliment with the dish wonderfully.

For those of you who like to choose your own beer, the following list will be available at each location:

Alexander Keith's Dark
Alexander Keith's Red
Alexander Keith's Cascade IPA
Alexander Keith's Hallertaurer IPA
Shock Top
Stella Artois
Michelob Ultra

Beers available at the Open Hearth Park: Aug. 30 - Sept. 1, Sydney

Budweiser, Bud Light and Alexander Keith's IPA

Cheers to beers! Our next eDish will feature our tea pairings. This is the first year that Right Some Good has had all menus paired by a tea sommelier, an interesting twist to say the least!

Space is filling up quickly with only days to go until our five pop-up dining experiences or your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cook with one of the best chefs in the USA. Tickets are $85.00 plus tax and ordering fee. Order your tickets on line at 

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