Sunday, 15 January 2012

Coastal Riders ATV Club Winter Festival Rally

Winter Festival ATV Events in Richmond County includes ATV Rally in L'Ardoise. What a great way to get out in the fresh air and view the great scenery in Richmond, while having lots of fun with friends. Come join in the fun during Richmond County's Winter Festival.

Coastal Riders ATV Club Winter Festival Rally

Date: Saturday February 4th.

Winterfest Breakfast 7-10am at the L'Ardoise Men's Club - cost $7.00

Place: L'Ardoise Community Centre

Registration: 8-9:45am Open to Everyone

Registration fee: $20.00 for 3 tickets per Bike and any additional passenger who wants to pay the registration fee will also receive 3 tickets to be eligible for the prize draws.
Ticket draws will be made at 5pm.

Rally Start Time: 10am sharp beginning at the L'Ardoise Community Centre and ending at the L'Ardoise Community Centre.

Fish Cake & Bean Supper (Sponsored by L'Ardoise Seniors Jolly Club):4-6:30pm

Social with taped music will take place starting at 4pm until 6:30pm

For information on the following events:

Breakfast-Nils Adamsson 587-2778

Rally-Carolyn Cook 587-2422-please note the number 587-2263 listed in the Reflections of Richmond Winter Edition was a mistake, Correct number is 587-2422.

Supper- Lillie Spray 587-2077

If you need accommodation for this event:

Check accommodations 10 Minutes away from L'Ardoise

The Bras d'Or Lakes Inn in St. Peter's 535-2200

MacDonald Country Inn in St. Peter's-535-2997

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