Saturday, 14 January 2012

Information For All Those Wanting To Promote Their Tourism Business At Saltscapes This Year

Attention all tourism operators on Cape Breton Island, this information has come to my desk from the desk of Destination Cape Breton Association. With Saltscapes quickly approaching it is important to make decisions on where you want to market your business for the upcoming season. This information from DCBA may be just what you were waiting for and so I want to pass it along to my followers as quickly as possible.

Saltscapes East Coast Expo 2012

In October 2012, Destination Cape Breton Association (DCBA) engaged in discussion with Saltscapes participants who had previously attended the expo as a Cape Breton consortium. The outcome of these discussions and the survey results completed post the 2011 Expo, indicated that Cape Breton Island will be taking a different direction this year. DCBA will be attending the 2012 this year’s show with a condensed presence and a clear focus on selling Cape Breton as a vacation destination for this tourism season. We will be booking space under DCBA and would like to offer choice placement for anyone attending the show to be located next to the Cape Breton Island booth spaces. For anyone attending this year’s Expo and are interested in having a space next to DCBA, please let us know prior to January 20th and we will confirm your space preference with Saltscapes Expo organizers. DCBA space is 20 X 30.

DCBA will have staff and three visitor information counselors in the booth and would like to extend an invitation to any animators from other organizations to take part in the Cape Breton display at no charge. Travel costs would need to be covered by each individual.

Additionally, DCBA is offering industry a chance to promote your package and or experience through post cards that will be produced as a handout at the Expo. The packages and/or experience must meet the criteria listed below. These will also be listed on The fee to take part in this promotion is $100.00 and space is limited. Anyone wanting to take part please contact Caroline at or 1-902-539-4593

Thank you

Packaging Details Required
•Package title
•25-word description
•1 small (stamp size)photo or logo
•The dates during which this package is availablemust be stated
•There must be one point of purchase for the guest to book all components of the package
•The cancellation and refund policy must be included
•the package description must explicitly state what is included in the package (i.e. # of days/nights, # of meals, # of tickets/admissions, etc.)
•What is not included in package(such as taxes and gratuities)
•Package price must be included

Experience Details Required

•Experience title
•Be well themed – 25-word description (what makes this experience unique?) connecting to one or more of the tourism core experiences culture, history, seacoast, urban, and food and wine) and with a title to reflect the theme;
•Engage the visitor through hands-on activities which allow them to become an active participant in the activity, not just an observer, and provides the visitor with exclusive or behind-the-scenes access to something;
•Engage as many of the five senses as possible;
•Where possible, integrate local food and other elements which can add to the WOW of the experience.
•Be purchasable - visitors must be able to purchase the experience for a set price;
•Be available a minimum of 4 weeks throughout the year.

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