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Nova Scotia Tourism Strategy Planning Session Scheduled for NSCC on February 3rd

Attention all tourism operators! This information has just arrived at my desk from Mary Tulle, CEO of Destination Cape Breton Association, and because of its important message, I want to pass it along to all those in our tourism industry. The date of the NS. Tourism Strategy Planning Session in Sydney is Friday, February 3rd from 10:30 - 12:30, and will be held at NSCC Marconi. It is very important to have a say in these sessions as Cape Breton is a major part of the tourism industry in Nova Scotia and we must make sure that our needs are not overlooked.

Nova Scotia Tourism Strategy Planning Session

Good afternoon

As many of you may be aware there is a new Special Operating Agency (SOA) being formed that will lead in the creation and implementation of a new tourism strategy for Nova Scotia. In order for the strategy to be properly and accurately developed, stakeholder input is critical. YOU are a stakeholder and your thoughts and opinions need to be heard.

Bluteau Devenney is working with the interim Strategy Committee to facilitate open house sessions province wide and on Friday, February 3 from 10:30 - 12:30, a session will be held at NSCC Marconi. I encourage you to attend in person but should that not be possible there are two additional options availabe to you to provide your feedback. The attached links take you to both an online survey and questionnaire.

Nova Scotia Tourism Strategic Plan Questionnaire
Nova Scotia Tourism Agency Strategic Planning Stakeholders Survey

The change in the structure of tourism for Nova Scotia, coupled with the opportunity for things to be done "in a new and improved way", are goals that we all strive to achieve. Providing input into how and what these changes can be, however, are opportunities that you can impact.

I genuinely thank you in advance for taking the time to come to the session in person, or for completing the survey and / or questionnaire.

Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me at 902 539 0300 or via email at anytime

I hope to see you on the 3rd.

Kind regards
Mary Tulle

As part of the development of a five year strategic plan for Nova Scotia tourism, our firm Bluteau DeVenney and Company has been retained by the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency to facilitate the strategic planning process. A key component of that process is the gathering of perspectives from those stakeholders in the sector – whether private industry, government, supporting associations, etc. The process will have three key components - the gathering of information, sifting and synthesizing of data, feedback for trends and themes, and the development of the plan and resulting action items required to achieve success in the future.

In addition to asking the current sector key questions, we are also gathering information from a number of sources including past stakeholder input and regional, national and international activity and research. Understanding what is working well, building on the sectors strengths and capturing opportunities that currently exist or which could be developed are important focus points as are the capabilities required to make these things happen and the challenges that are faced by the sector.

We will be facilitating focus group sessions in the locations below to provide an opportunity for tourism sector stakeholders (operators, training providers, associations, etc) to provide input and inform this process. Your perspective can help shape the new strategic plan and the direction of the tourism sector in Nova Scotia.

We ask that you please check your schedule and attend one of the sessions below. If you are unable to attend, we will be providing access to an online survey. The sessions are being conducted at the following Nova Scotia Community College campuses and we thank them for their support. The
sessions are scheduled for 2 hours. To ensure space and supports are adequate, we ask that you please RSVP to the following email by providing your name, company name and session you plan on attending -

Jan 31st NSCC Kingstec- Wolfville. 8:30am - 10:30am

Jan 31st NSCC Burridge- Yarmouth 2:00pm - 4:pm

Feb 1st NSCC Lunenburg- Bridgewater 10:00am - Noon

Feb 2nd NSCC Truro 9:00am - 11:00am

Feb 2nd NSCC Pictou 1:30pm- 3:30pm

Feb 3rd NSCC Marconi- Sydney 10:30am- 12:30

Feb 7th NSCC Halifax Campus 2:30pm- 4:30

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and our continued work with the NSTA and the individuals and associations that strive to make our tourism sector a vibrant and profitable economic driver of the Province.

Wayne Woodard

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