Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The !0 Annual Point Michaud Surf Classic Results Have Been Announced!

Surfers at the 10th. Annual Point Michaud Surf Classic at Point Michaud Beach, Cape Breton


The organizers of the 10th Annual Point Michaud Surf Classic which is the highlight of the Summer Surf Program in Richmond County has just released the results of the competition. And so I am passing them along to all of you with an interest in surfing.

10th annual Point Michaud Surf Classic Results

Open Surf
1st Jamie Smith, 2nd Jacob Alstrup, 3rd Delanie Manegre, 4th Natasha MacDonald, 5th Daniel Allen, 6th (tie) Grant Manegre & Aiden MacLean

 Kids Surf (under 10 years of age)
1st Leif Christensen, 2nd TJ, 3rd Molly Fraser, 4th  (tie) Grant Manegre & Daniel Alstrup, 5th Amazon, 6th Poppy

 Junior Girls Surf (age 10-13)
1st Delanie Manegre, 2nd Molly Fraser

Junior Girls Surf  (age 14-16)
1st Ronja Held, 2nd Taylor MacDonald, 3rd Allie Fraser

Junior Girls Surf (age 17-19)
1st Josie Hartlin

 Junior Boys Surf (age 11-13)
1st Jacob Alstrup, 2nd Cooper Fraser, 3rd  (tie) Lachlan MacLean & Aiden MacLean,        4th Daniel Allen, 5th Nicholas Alstrup, 6th Leif Christensen

Junior Boys Surf (age 14-16)
1st Ryan Starratt, 2nd Brandon Romans, 3rd Derek Garson, 4th Daniel King, 5th Matthew Samson

Junior Boys (age 17-19)
1st Jamie Smith, 2nd (tie) Ryan Guthro & Jack Watson

Skim Board
1st Jack Watson, 2nd Brandon Romans, 3rd Ryan Guthro, 4th Daniel White, 5th Ryan Starratt, 6th Aiden MacLean

Costume Surf
1st Delanie Manegre, 2nd Dustin Martel, 3rd Taylor MacDonald, 4th Ryan Starratt, Brandon Romans, 6th Derek Garson

1st Amazon & Daniel Mansell, 2nd Grant & Delanie Manegre, 3rd Luke Samson & Dustin Martel, 4th Tristan Martel & Lachlan MacLean, 5th Josie Hartlin & Dan, 6th Jamie Smith, Jack Watson & Ryan Guthro

Body Board
1st Delanie Manegre, 2nd Brandon Romans, 3rd Ryan Starratt, 4th Daniel Mansell, 5th Grant Manegre, 6th (tie) Derrek Garson and Matthew Samson

Kayak Surf
1st Eberhart Witt, 2nd Aiden MacLean, 3rd Ryan Starratt, 4th Derek Garson, 5th Brandon Romans

 Stand Up Paddle
1st Amazon Mansell, 2nd Eberhart Witt, 3rd Grant Manegre, 4th Aiden MacLean, 5th Ryan Starratt

1st Brandon Romans, 2nd Delanie Manegre, 3rd Derek Garson, 4th (tie) Leif Christensen & Lachlan MacLean, 5th Daniel King, 6th Daniel Allen

Short Board Surf
1st Delanie Manegre, 2nd Lachlan MacLean, 3rd Derek Garson, 4th Brandon Romans, 5th Daniel Alstrup

Men’s Surf Board (20s)
1st Chris Oake

Men’s Surf Board Masters
1st Bob Thorne, 2nd Daniel Mansell, 3rd Darryl Peters

Women’s Surf Board (30s)
1st Michelle Richards, 2nd Natasha MacDonald

Women Surf Board Masters
1st Nancy Taylor

Long Board Surf
1st Michelle Richards, 2nd Lachlan MacLean, 3rd (tie) Bob Thorne & Ryan Starratt, 4th Delanie Manegre, 5th Brandon Romans, 6th Ronja Held

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